10 Best Android Lollipop Features That You’re Still Not Aware Of

With successor to Android Lollipop- Android M already being unveiled, it’s still some time the next version of Android is rolled out to the public. Till then, what we have on hands is Android Lollipop as the current version powering millions of Android Devices. While Android Lollipop came as a complete overhaul on the design front with Material Design being thrown in, it also took deep into the optimization of functionalities offered by it. With a plethora of new options and menus making debut, you’re surely not aware of all of the great features that come loaded with this current Android version- Android Lollipop.

Here, we bring to you the best 10 Android Lollipop features that you probably didn’t knew about and are thus still not using on your Android phone. Take a look!

10 Best Android Lollipop Features That You’re Still Not Aware Of

1. Setup Assistant – Tap & Go


Switching to a new Android phone and not sure how to carry forward all you contacts and apps? Worry not. With stock Android Setup Assistant named “Tap & Go”, a simple tap on you old device with the new one can sync across all you backup data from Google accounts. All you need is NFC. What better than booting onto a new Android device with the same homescreen, same set of apps automatically downloaded and the same content automatically carried forward. Well done Android!

2. Configure Smart Lock Locations


Annoyed with entering your PIN to unlock your device even when you’re at your home or a specific ‘secured’ location? Android L’s Smart Lock mode lets to bypass the need to enter your PIN time and again to unlock your device at specific locations. To configure this, you need to navigate to Settings>Security>Smart Lock>Trusted Places and simply set your Home or Work locations or any other specific location as ‘trusted’ and Android will do the rest for you.

3. Making Guest Accounts & Limiting Functionalities


Lending your phone to your friend and worried about you privacy? Well then, Android L lets you create user profile and Guest Accounts in order to limit functionalities on your phone. All you need to do is swipe down the notification centre and hit the avatar icon twice which then opens up a grid of all the user accounts on you phone. You can easily switch between accounts or even create a new Guest Profile in order to lend your phone to someone else with an option to limit various functionalities like turning call-making capabilities on or off.

4. Screen Pinning


While Guest Accounts may be God-sent for those who lend their phones to their friends and co-workers more often than not with a constant itch to their privacy, Android Lollipop offers another feature named “Screen Pinning” wherein you can further set down the accessibility on your phone to just one application. For this, navigate to Settings>Security>Screen Pinning and turn it on. You can now pin a single screen by simple turning on the app you want to pin, followed by a press on the Overview button to bring in the multi-task view and then simply dragging the app you want to pin to the centre of the screen and a touch on the ‘pin’ button in the lower right corner will do the rest.

5. Addition of new icons on Homescreen for newly installed Apps

Hating the download cluster enforced on your homescreen with the icons of the apps you’ve installed being automatically added? You can turn this off simply by navigating to the Play Store>Menu(3 Bars on the top left corner)>Settings>Add icons to Homescreen and uncheck it. Simple as that!

6. Toggle App Notifications

Annoyed with useless notifications a specific apps pushes to your Homescreen but can’t help without that app? All you need to do is to make use of the app restrictions that Android Lollipop lets you set for a specific app. So to speak, you can now configure if you like a particular app to push notification to you or not and further set various parameters to when and how the notifications are triggered. For this, navigate to Settings>Sounds & Notifications>App Notifications and set the privilege rights right.

7. Priority Mode


With the launch of Android L, Google threw in a set of 3 modes namely, ‘All’, ‘Priority’ and ‘None’, a user can switch between. If you like to go absolutely ‘no-notifications’, switch over to ‘None’ mode. If you wish to enable the stock functioning of the notifications, switch to ‘All’ mode wherein everything goes through. Somewhere in-between comes the ‘Priority’ mode that lets configure the type and even the time various notifications that go through on your phone.

8. Search in Settings


With a plethora of setting options made available to Android users to take control of every little tweak, you are sure to get lost finding a particular setting. For this, all you need to do is open up the settings on your device and hit the ‘magnifying glass’ icon at the right top corner and type whatever you were looking for. What follows is a list of search results that would easily help you navigate to the setting you were looking for. Fast & easy!

9. End Call with Power Button

If you wish to go Apple with the way you may end your call, simply head over the Accessability settings under the Settings Menu and toggle ‘Power Button ends Call’ option.

10. Lollipop Easter Egg Game

android lollipop features

Android’s Flappy bird rip-apart, Easter Egg game comes hidden under the settings menu of your Android Device. Navigate to Settings>About Phone and tap the Android version 4-5 times to bring up the Lollipop moniker on your screen. Further tapping would help you get into this addictive, rather pointless game.


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