10 best applications for iPhone in June

In this article, you will find 10 best applications for iOS in June.10 best applications for iPhone in June


Undoubted hit of previous month. With the help of special neural networks, Prisma redraws your photos, turning them into paintings in the style of famous artists. Few touches, several seconds of waiting – and ordinary picture becomes a masterpiece.Prisma


One more app about art. But not only about painting. If you do not know much about art, application Artbit will help you. It can recognize paintings, sculptures and other cultural goods as Shazam recognizes music. In addition, Artbit will suggest you location of nearest museums and galleries in case of you want to supply the gap in your knowledges.Prisma

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft keeps doing our life easier — now with the special service for automatization “Flow”, which work on the same basis as IFTTT. Service can interact with social networks, cloud storages, as well as products of company such as Office 365. Microsoft intends to attract users due to integration with professional instruments, such as Salesforce, MailChimp etc.Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Sprightly

Also Microsoft brought some happiness to us in June by its new mobile app “Sprightly” for creation of collages and different advertising materials. Company believes that application can replace professional designer for small business owners. Sprightly allows creation of flyers, price lists, catalogues and coupons by a few steps. You can choose among several templates and that all is free.Microsoft Sprightly

Motion Stills

Google presented application for stabilization of “live pictures”. After editing, they become so smooth, that you will not be able to tear yourself away from them. Moreover, you can turn animation into gif-picture and share results with friends, who does not have Apple devices.Motion Stills


Social network for those who loves arrange his or her life systematically. Besides of creation and publication of lists, in which you can add photos, videos and even whole text sections, with li.st you will be able to subscribe on interesting lists of other users and find subject lists via Discover tab. Best films, books and restaurants are always at hand and in convenient format.li.st

SketchBook for Education

Special version of SketchBook for first-time artists. It is does not matter how old you are: if you are just learning to draw, educational version of SketchBook will surely help you. Application is very simple, but it has advanced features, which will be useful for you in the process of mastering new drawing skill. SketchBook supports Apple Pencil, it has function of scanning paper sketches and many other functions.SketchBook for Education

Hillo for Trello

This application will be useful for those, who actively use Trello. When you have many boards and groups, it is very difficult to track notification from them. And Hillo solves this problem. It helps to track activity of any user and boards — all the information becomes clearly visible.Hillo for Trello


Dropbox became more convenient instrument for collaborative work. Big update of mobile apps brought many new functions, including scanning, creation of MS Office documents, indicator of collaborative work and remarks to documents. Also Dropbox has got advanced exchange possibilities in desktop versions (Mac and Windows).Dropbox

Telegram Messenger

The most progressive messenger confirms its status again. Recently messenger have got drafts, which allow returning to unfinished messages after switching between chats, and also picture-in-picture feature, that allows watching video in floating window, which does not disturb users during communication.Telegram Messenger