10 gadgets for cats and dogs lovers

Many of us have pets, which diversify our lives. So if they make us happy, why can’t we make them happy too? We chose several interesting gadgets for cats and dogs lovers, which will entertain both pets and their owners. Some gadgets allow tracking your pets, when you are far from each other. All products are in Chinese online stores, where delivery is free.

Mouse for cat

Toys and gadgets for pets

One of the most favorite toys for cat is catching mice or other living creatures. But what can you do if there are no mice and you live at 21 floor? Then such gadget can become an interesting entertainment for your little friend. This mouse can circle with certain speed, which you can change. Mouse can dramatically reverse direction, turning around, thus still more provoking cat. Producer affirms that gadget can stand kicks by cat legs for a long time. To the point gadget is wireless and it works with 3 penlight batteries. Thus there will be no gnawed wires.

Where to buydx.com
Price: 13,14$

Laser pointer

Laser pointerThis gadget is as old as the hills, but it is actual even now for everybody who has pet. To the point, not only cat reacts to laser point, but also a dog. It is important to remove all fragile things from the room, because otherwise it will be mess there. You can buy laser pointer at Aliexpress for less than $2. But you should note that attachments for pointer are not included in kit.

Where to buyaliexpress.com
Price: 1,9$

LED collar

LED collarIt is more dog gadget, and for walks at the nighttime. Collar has several LED and carbines in order to fix it on dog neck. There are three mode of operations: fast blinking, slow blinking and regular light. Collar can be regulated according to dog neck. It can be put on the neck with maximum 60 cm in circle. It is cool thing, because if you let off the leash of your dog, it will be visible all the time, even if it is very dark in the street.

Where to buygearbest.com
Price: 2,49$

Camera for dog

Camera for petsThis camera allows take photos with periodicity from 1,5 to 15 minutes. Its internal memory is 128 MB. Camera allows you to see the world by dog’s eyes in 640х480 resolution. Gadget can work up to 20 hours without charging.

Where to buydx.com
Price: 18,20$

Shower massager for dogs

Shower massager for dogAs opposite to cats, dogs take bathing positive. However, it is not always convenient to soap by one hand and flush by another. If your dog at the same time is breaking out from you, then washing becomes the hell. This shower massager has tank for shampoo, which incidentally is moved to dog’s hair with the help of special button. Water feed Is launched by pressing side button. Thereby, you can soap the dog and wash it with only one hand. In addition, massager will perfectly massage the back of your best friend.

Where to buygearbest.com
Price: 18,95$

Radio-controlled mouse

Radio-controlled mouseIt is funny and interesting gadget for kids. They love to race cats around the whole flat, so they will take a fancy of radio-controlled mouse. Control console has three buttons: launching the mouse, right and left. You need three penlight batteries for mouse and two AA batteries (1.5v) for control console. Principle of operation is simple: you launch the mouse and try not to let the cat catch it.

Where to buygearbest.com
Price: 7,67$

Feedbox for pets with fountain

Feedbox for pets with fountainIt is really convenient universal feedbox for food and water. It is not just filled up with water, but water circulates, transforming into fountain. But it is not just entertainment for pet: water is moved to charcoal filter, where it is cleaned and token back with the help of little pump. If your pet littered with food or own wool into water, then water will quickly be cleaned, thereby pet will drink only clean water. From one side there is a scale, which shows the level of water in feedbox.

Where to buyaliexpress.com
Price: 63,37$

GPS-tracker Langmao

GPS-tracker LangmaoThis gadget let you track, where now your pet is. It is especially convenient for cats, who like walking everywhere. With tracker, you can track where your cat walks and how many km it passes per day. Tracker is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets and it is watertight. You need also to know that this gadget is overall, so at first your cat will definitely try to be delivered from it.

Where to buyaliexpress.com
Price: 37,13$

Umbrella for dogs

Umbrella for dogsDo you walk with your dog in for rain? Surely, everybody, who has dog in the flat, sometimes walks with this dog in filthy weather. Now you can protect your best friend with this umbrella. 22 cm chain is fasten to dog collar, and umbrella handle is taken by hand. Length of carrier is 69 cm, so most dog owners will not need to stoop or pull hand down, when they are walking with their dogs. Diameter of umbrella is 72 cm, so dog will be completely protected from the rain.

Where to buyaliexpress.com
Price: 11,30$

Cats Meow

Cats MeowOne more mouse-simulative toy for cat. Active base has moving body – needle with ball at its end and red wire (simulated of mouse-tail). Nylon ring is put on this active base (it is similar to children’s rubber ring), it hide needle, but keep the red wire visible. Game starts with pressing button, and mouse starts turning under nylon ring. It looks like real mouse crawling under carpet. Cat will try to catch the mouse, reacting on its movements. You can change the speed of mouse rotation.

Where to buyaliexpress.com
Price: 16,89$