12 lifehacks for iPhone camera. Do it by yourself

Advices, which help to make your photos more interesting and diverse.
It is seemed that you know almost all about iPhone camera. But today we will talk about unobvious things, which will help you to diversify boring selfies and photos with standard foreshortening, filters and editing.

1. Stockings and tights

iPhone camera 1You may think that it is absolutely crazy idea, but it really works. Hundreds of applications in App Store offer wide range of filters and textures. But do you really need it if you have ordinary stockings?

What to do: Stretch capronic fabric on smartphone’s camera (the more you stretch the less effect will be observed), folding it in two beforehand. Your photo will have characteristic blur feature, and with presence of side light source (lamp or sunbeams) there will be characteristic patches of light. Experiment with caprone color and get interesting pictures.

2. Panoramic twins

iPhone cameraQuite unobvious stunt, which is being made with panorama mode. Owing to several simple actions, you will get several copy of the same object at one picture without using any graphics editor.

What to do: In Camera select Panorama mode. Place the object and start shooting, slowly moving iPhone along presented line-level. When object will be beyond the bounds of footage, fix your hands and ask assistant to move object (move by oneself) in new position.

Note that object must not to be in frame while moving, and new position must not to get into object glass until its continuation. During all process of changing positions, try to be motionless.

Advice: To change shooting direction, tap on arrow at iPhone screen.

3. Tripod out of credit card

iPhone cameraIf you had couple of credit cards or business cards out of dense cardboard, you can easily made improvised tripod.

What to do: Make cuts as shown in picture. In cuts made at A-lines, put card cuttings for safe fixation of construction out of two areas.

4. Macro shooting

iPhone cameraiPhone focusing at a short distances shows not a right spirit. Thus, there is no sense to speak about macro shooting. Tiny lens will improve situation.

What to do: Such lens you will find in old laser pointer-trinket. Use ladies’ hairpin to fix lens and then attach it to smartphone with a sticky tape. Your macro object glass is ready!

Advice: If you have broken object glass or set of lenses, don’t be lazy and experiment with it. Attach to iPhone viewfinder, move, find the best points and take original pictures.

5. Super macro shooting

iPhone cameraNo, you are really know nothing about your iPhone camera capabilities. The picture below is an ordinary pictures made with iPhone, without digital zoom or crop. Picture presented in original scale. And all this is thanks to water drop.
iPhone camera 6What to do: form a water drop on iPhone camera. Be careful, any liquid is bitter enemy of electronics. Bring shooting object to smartphone (it will be difficult to do it vice versa). As a result you will get amazing particularized photo.

6. «Right» white balance

iPhone cameraIf you think, that there are bad conditions for taking a good picture, you can correct dullness and cold color of your pictures with the help of sunglasses.

What to do: Just bring sunglasses lens to object glass and release the shutter.

7. HDR

iPhone CameraUntil recently, poor dynamic range was the biggest problem of mobile photography. With HDR, which foresees combination of several pictures with different exposure, this problem has gone.

What to do: If you want to depict clear sky, bright sun and green trees at one picture, you should definitely use HDR. We insistently recommend saving also original picture. To do this, go to Settings-Photos & Camera and turn on “Download and keep originals”.

8. “Fish eye” effect

iPhone camera 8Great news! You have everything to take picture in “fish eye” style with the help of your smartphone.

What to do: Turn over your glasses, leaning it against object glass with convex side. Find the point where distortion is maximal (nearer to lens border, as a rule)

9. Filter set out of covers

iPhone camera 9Any document in euro binder has color transparent plastic cover. And it can be very good filter for taking original photos by using smartphone.

What to do: Make several work piece out of covers with different colors. Make round hole in each of them and attach to carbine. Now you have both filter set and key ring.

10. Steadicam out of reading lamp

iPhone camera 10Absence of subsidiary hands for providing stable shooting and good picture is a real problem of bloggers. Reading lamp is simple and cheap solution.

What to do: Lamp from IKEA is the best choice for this, but you can also use automobile holder.

11. Headset as release shutter

iPhone camera 11There is not obvious capability of ordinary Apple EarPods. You can use it as remote release button.

What to do: Plug in EarPods to iPhone. For shooting you need to press “+” volume button.

12. Underwater shooting

iPhone camera 12Underwater shooting with iPhone without special cover and accessories sounds madly. But it is easy indeed. You will need glass pot or plastic bottle with cut bottleneck and EarPods.

What to do: Plug in EarPods to iPhone. Lower smartphone in the bottle and gingerly dip bottle in water (naturally avoiding pounding). Wait for good shot and press volume button.

Try, experiment and your iPhone camera will open itself from another side!