2 most safety brands of Android-smartphones

2 most safety brands of Android-smartphonesRecognized authority in the sphere of computer safety Gal Beniamini defined two most safe brands of devices on Google’s platform. Main reason of device vulnerability at Android OS is unreadiness of most producers of smartphones to quickly solving problems, which are being found and widely used by hackers.

Why do Nexus and Samsung?

Gal Beniamini affirms that users, who take care of their data, should buy only Google Nexus or Samsung devices. It is known that smartphones from Google are the first, which get updates of software. Thereby any detected vulnerability will be corrected in the first place at these gadgets.

Samsung leads at the global smartphone market by sales and has huge resources and expertise in different spheres, including software development sphere. That is why it also keeps pace with Google in updating its devices.

Beniamini notes, that testing of smartphones in January and now has revealed, that most problems, detected in smartphones half a year ago, are solved now in Nexus smartphones and recent Samsung smartphones.