7 Good Reasons Why You Should Wait For iPhone 6S or iPhone 7

Thinking of buying a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Well, wait. While it surely wasn’t too long ago when Apple launched these 2 evolutionary iPhone models, the rumor mills are already churning a lot of gossip about the next flagship from Apple. The ‘S’ upgrades to iPhones have always been known as ‘incremental upgrades’ rather than radical design and hardware changes as most of the specs remain the same with some minor tweaks here and there. But this year’s iPhone update is believed to be the biggest incremental update Apple has ever given to a ‘S’ upgrade.

While a lot might not change in the terms of design adopted, some major under the hood changes are believed to be thrown in. Following is a list of changes that are most likely to go live once the next iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 is launched. Take a look!

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Wait For iPhone 6S or iPhone 7

1. Rose-Gold color option

iphone 6s wait

While the gold became the new white for iPhone users, we may well see a new color, touted to be Rose Gold, being added to the range along with space grey, white and silver.

2. Solid-than-ever


While the Apple’s iPhone is known to be the World’s best crafted phone with a lot of heed being paid to every single part, Apple faced a lot of criticism and embarrassment due to the infamous Bendgate wherein a lot of new iPhone 6 Plus’ apparently bend while kept in tight pockets, mainly due to super-slick design. Surely Apple’s isn’t going to let that happen again and what constitutes the answer to Bendgate is the use of new grade of aluminium that’s more solid, reinforced so as to make the next iPhone sturdier than ever. What we may also see is some changes to the dimensions of the new iPhone with new iPhone being touted to be 0.2mm thicker and 0.15mm taller.

3. Camera-Bump

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 beating iPhone 6 all end up on the Camera front, we believe that the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 is going to be the the biggest camera improvement ever on a subsequent iPhone launch. While it may not only be a bump in the number of megapixels but also Optical Image Stabilization across all iPhone models that currently features only on iPhone 6 Plus. We may also see an upgraded Front camera thrown in to woo all the Selfie-dicted people.

4. Hardware improvements

For subsequent iPhone models to come loaded with an updated processor might well be a cliche, what we may actually see is the biggest incremental update to hardware that powers an iPhone this time around. As per the leaks, new A9 Chip is all set to break the cover along with an upgrading of RAM to 2Gigabytes.

5. Force Touch Technology


The much-hyped forced touch is all set to come to the next iteration of the iPhone. Force Touch technology enabled touchscreens to add a dimension of tracking the pressure sensitivity in order to distinguish between a light tap and a hard tap, thus, enhancing the interactive capabilities.

6. More powerful and optimized battery

At the unveiling of iOS 9, Apple showcased the special attention they pay to the battery backup their devices pay with the launch of a low power mode. Surely, the next iteration is all set to get a larger battery for better real world battery standby time.

7. And all of this is just round-the-corner

With iPhone launches set to take place in Fall every year, there ain’t too much time that you need to wait in order to get your hands on the biggest incremental update to an iPhone Model ever. 25 September is being touted as the date when iPhone 6s/7 is sure to hit the shelves. Mark your calendar!


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