7 secrets of Facebook Messenger, which you should know

In this article, you will find several advices about usage of Facebook Messenger. Indeed, this messenger is not as simple as everybody think.Facebook Messenger

Nowadays Facebook has over 1,5 billions users, therefore if you need to connect with somebody, it is easier to do exactly in the chat. So, look at the most useful features of this messenger.


You can use Facebook mobile chat for communication not only with friends who has accounts in Facebook. In last versions of program, you will find the capability of sending and reading SMS messages. Thereby, Messenger can become the main messenger in the mobile devices of users.SMS-messages Facebook Massenger


Yes, bots are the hottest feature in Facebook. Developers have created great number of bots since the time when Facebook had become a platform for bots. You can book a ticket for plane, find interesting films, read funny stories, etc. with the help of bots.

Short videos

Instead of sending boring text messages, you can send a short video via Facebook Messenger. To do this, you need to tap and hold the button of camera for recording a video, duration of which is up to 15 seconds. Then tap on “Send” button.

Sport games

If you have already said everything you want, it does not mean that you will not find another pastime in Facebook Messenger. There are several interesting games, such as chess, basketball or football in the messenger.


One of the most useful function in Facebook Messenger, which allows you to send to interlocutor your coordinates or name of the place, where you are. To use it, just tap on the button with three points at the tool bar of program, and then select “Location”.Facebook Messenger Location


Facebook Messenger has many different and sometimes very interesting surprises. Sometimes usage of some smileys suddenly activates amusing animation or built-in sport game.

Daily cute

If you are sad, Facebook Messenger can help you to cheer up. Just send the message @dailycute, and your mood will surely improve. Try it, result is guaranteed!

And what other secrets of Facebook Messenger do you know?