7 services which help to start the day

Michael Xander, creator of the website My Morning Routine, create his blog in order to ask entrepreneurs, representatives of creative and non-creative professions, what they do every morning. People say that right morning is a guarantee of productive day. Services below will help you to wake up in the morning and get ready for a good day. There are 7 most mentioned and known services from Xander’s blog.


7 services which help to start the day - 1Despite of being known, f.lux is worthy of being mentioned. It is one of the most popular services at My Morning Routine. f.lux adapts display color gamma to current day time. In the morning, screen is cold and bright, and in the evening, colors become warmer and less irritant for eyes. Application is free and accessible for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.


7 services which help to start the day - 2Noizio is an application, which works at background mode of OS X and contains set of background sounds – sound of birds, storm, wood or noise of café. Noizio also works on iOS. You can create templates from certain sounds and save them for further playback.

7 Minute Workout

7 services which help to start the day - 3Many people from those asked by Xander confess that use 7 minute workout for morning exercises. There are more than 100 applications for such workouts in App Store and Google Play. But on the most popular is 7 Minute Workout.


7 services which help to start the day - 4Thanks to gamification, Streaks imparts useful habits. Every time when user performs a habit, for example eat useful food, take exercises or don’t smoke, he or she marks it in application. If you do it permanently, Streaks scale is filled up. If you miss only one time – scale is nullified and you have to start from the very beginning.


7 services which help to start the day - 5One of the most or probably the most popular application for meditation. Created by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace contains audio lessons, exercises and different techniques of meditation. Everybody can meditate with Headspace – from beginners to those who has already mastered the technique.


7 services which help to start the day - 6As a background for jogging, many people prefer podcasts instead of music. Ocercast is a popular and free podcast manager for iOS. Its peculiarity in its working with sound: you can hasten, slow down or delete pauses of speakers.

Day One

7 services which help to start the day - 7One of the most popular rituals is making of day schedule or writing of thoughts. For these tasks, Day one is the best application. There are mobile and desktop versions, calendar and, of course, protection of notes by password or finger scanner.