7 simple tricks for iPhone security

iPhone securityApple foresaw many useful possibilities for users’ data protection in iOS. However, for some reason, many people don’t activate even a half of these functions. And it is very pity, when in case of theft, malefactors get access to all data because of disregard of safety precautions by user. But methods of securing of your iPhone are quite simple.

  1. Use the password: the longer, the better
    Instead of using four-digit password, use longer combination. It will not be a problem for you (thanks to Touch ID), but for third parties it will become more complicated task.
  2. Limit the possibilities of locked screen
    The less operations malefactors can do with locked device, the better. That is why it is better to turn off the access with locked screen to menu “Today”, viewing messages, answering messages and Wallet. You can do it the section “Touch ID & Passcode”.
  3. Turn on iCloud and «Find my iPhone»
    It is seemed obvious, but in reality, many people forget turn on this function. “Find my iPhone” can be decisive function in case of losing device, however many people for some reason disregard it.
  4. Use two-factor authentication
    If you want to secure your data, there is no better way. In this case, nobody will be able to get access to your data in iCloud without confirmation. Even availability of your Apple ID and password will not help malefactor to get your data.
  5. Control, what access your applications have
    It is a good idea to check from time to time, how much access the applications on your iPhone have. In order to do this, go to section “Privacy” in the Settings and go through main sections.
  6. Avoid jailbreak
    If you do not want to give your data to third parties, never use jailbreak. Any interference in system can become critical. And it is good if developer will be honest. But what if not?
  7. Do not be afraid of deleting all data
    In the section “Touch ID & Passcode” you have function “Delete data”. If you turn it on, all data from iPhone will be deleted in case of several unsuccessful password entries. If you save something important in your smartphone, you should use this function. And you always can restore all data from backup copy in iCloud.

What is more, do not forget about updating your iOS. In its updates, Apple often corrects critical vulnerabilities in the system.