8 easy ways to “kill” the battery of your iPhone

8 easy ways to “kill” the battery of your iPhoneProblem of fast discharging of battery is known for most owners of iPhone. But not everybody knows, that in this there is also fault of users. In this article, you will find 8 actions of smartphones’ owners, which spoil the battery of iPhone.

1. Connect iPhone to PC which is turned off

Users often use their laptops as an alternative to socket. However, many people forget, that PC can go into sleep mode. And then smartphones are not being charged or, moreover, are being discharged even more. Therefore, always check, whether your PC is connected to power supply and enable programs, which will help the laptop not to go into sleep mode.

2. Keep iPhone by heat or cold

For some reason, nobody think about impact of heat or cold on iPhone. However, battery capacity decreases by cold; it wears out in whole. When iPhone is exposed by high temperatures (over 35 degrees centigrade), it can lead to irreversible damage of battery. When battery is in cold conditions, its charge decreases. But it is temporary effect, and then battery will come to normal.

3. Use Facebook app

According to researches, it is one of the most energy-consuming application in App Store. This app discharges the battery during its usage, but not only. Facebook app almost uninterruptedly updates data even in background mode, thus discharging the battery. If you delete this app from iPhone, you will save up to 15-20% of battery charge. Experts recommend opening Facebook in mobile version via browser instead of using Facebook app.

4. Do not use energy saving mode

When your battery is charged less than on 20%, it is reasonable to turn on energy saving mode. This function turn off some functions (background updating of apps, some visual effects etc.) of operating system until user charges the device.

5. Do not use flight mode in areas with weak cellular network

iPhone permanently tries to connect with cellular network, including in areas with low signal level, at the subway or outside of cellular network areas. In these cases you can turn on Flight mode at your device. Yes, you will not be able to call or receive calls. But on the other hand your battery will tell you “thank you”.

6. Remain notifications from all apps

Each push-notification “turn on” display of your smartphone. Thus, it is better to turn on notifications only for those apps, which you use permanently.

7. Usage of cheap power bank

There is a good rule — if your portable battery is being charged during the whole day, but it is enough only for one charging of your smartphone, then it is bad power bank. And you should replace it. Because frequent usage of such power banks can be destructive for your iPhone.

8. Charge your smartphone via car charger

You should be assured, that your car charger is high qualitative. There are a lot of simple cheap substandard chargers with just light indicator and USB connector in the market. In the same time, there is unstable voltage in the car. Thus, usage of low-quality charger in this situation can seriously damage your smartphone.