9 best applications for Android in June

In this article, you will find most interesting and useful new and already known, but upgraded applications for Android.9 best applications for Android in June


Arbit works the same as popular application Shazam, but in the world of arts. Application allows you to define cultural goods, add them to favorite, share them and find interesting events on this topic. All you need for searching is to direct your smartphone at canvas or sculpture and hold it during several seconds. Artbit will show you result with reproduction, name of author and detailed information.Artbit

Yoga Monkey

Yoga Monkey will show you main positions and programs of yoga in simple and understandable manner. Application contains many complexes of exercises, each of which is aimed at solving overweight problem, struggling against sleeplessness or putting oneself in good spirits.Yoga Monkey

ADW Launcher

In distant 2011 year, ADW Launcher was one of the best frame for Android. In this month, after a long time, developer introduced new release of app, which will be interesting for every Android user. ADW Launcher will be the most useful to those, who like customize the appearance of their Android gadgets in detail.ADW Launcher

App Swap

Application App Swap serves for rapid launching of programs. It will be useful for those, who has many installed applications on their devices and as a result has bulky, slow and inconvenient standard menu. Thanks to App Swap, you will get rid of necessity to scroll long list of installed apps and at once get access to necessary element.App Swap

Sportsman PRO. Workout

Application Sportsman PRO. Workout will help you to achieve record results in doing chin-ups, push-ups, squattings and other popular exercises. Besides of certain exercises, application contains several training complexes. With their help, you will be able to concentrate on press, upper body or bottom body. Also Sportsman PRO. Workout contains special complex for training outdoors.Sportsman PRO. Workout


Pibox differs from other messengers in that, that besides features of personal messaging and group chats, it has built-in cloud storage and possibility of convenient file exchange with other users. This peculiarity makes Pibox the ideal instrument for exchanging of photos in RAW or sending video from GoPro cameras.Pibox


FitStar is a mobile app for Android and iOS gadgets, which serves for independent fitness lessons. It contains a great number of training complexes, which are composed of exercises with your weight. That is why, you can train with FitStar at any place, including home or at outdoor.FitStar

App Cloner

App Cloner will help you to install several copies of one and the same application. And it allows creating of individual setting for each of them. It can be useful for you, for instance, for creation of additional account in social network or messenger or for separation of working and personal activities in your smartphone.App Cloner


NewPipe allows you to search, watch and download video from YouTube. Application also has the feature of playback audio stream in any media player, including playback in background mode. NewPipe is not presented in Google Play. But you always can download installer at this page.

So what applications for Android in June did you like the most?