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About Us – GeekViz


GeekViz is a technology blog which ventures into all the latest happening in the world of Technology covering various How-To on Android and iOS devices, bringing you all the updated news on various Gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and more along with their Reviews, News and more.

Founded by Akhil Gupta and proudly hosted on Hostgator, we aim to bring the best to you to help you keep pace with this ever evolving tech World and everything that happens there-in.


Speak Your Mind

Here at Geekviz, we value our reader’s feedback the most. So, never hesitate to ask questions or doubts, or to put forward any kind of queries or suggestions that comes across your mind. We’d be more than happy to read your opinions. Please feel free to ‘Speak your Mind’ by reaching to us here.

Stop Plagiarism

Geekviz is strictly a NO Plagiarism blog.  All the content at Geekviz is copyrighted to Akhil Gupta and may not be reproduced without prior permissions. You are allowed to copy or reproduce our content with attribution only. If we come across any content republished illegally in a blog or website from Geekviz, we’d file a complaint with their advertising partners like Google Adsense and DMCA department of their web hosting company.