Apple Watch : Best 10 Apps You Need To Download Right Now

With the launch of Apple Watch, Apple ventured into the Wearable’s technology for the first time ever, touting it to be their most “personal-device-ever”. While the sales aren’t encouraging enough to quote and with virtually every smartphone manufacturer jumping to the fore to compete on this much-hyped future technology, Apple certainly has its work cut out to encourage better adaptability & engagement of this smartwatch into its large user-base. The same is pretty evident already with the unveiling of watchOS 2 bringing in support for native apps, better equipped Siri, communication improvements, health and fitness performance upgrades and much more.


With the support to native apps, Apple opened up its watchOS to the developers with access to taptic engine to let them choose the audio and tap feedback feeling along with access to heart-rate monitor, microphone, video playback, accelerometer and digital crown to take control of app specific UI interactions. While this gives a lot to play with to the developers, Apple is surely looking to build the same ecosystem for its Smart-Watch that it has for its other products. Well as of now, the Apple Watch may not be a ‘life-changing’ product of sorts to many, especially with only its first iteration being launched as of now, it surely is the best smartwatch available in the World right now for the simplicity of the functionalities and the intuitive UI it offers. Trademark Apple!

So then, while the rumors are rive about the next iteration of Apple Watch already, possibly the Apple Watch 2, we bring to you the best 10 apps you need to download right away on your Apple Watch to get the most out of it. Take a look!


Apple Watch : Best 10 Apps You Need To Download Right Now

1. Citymapper :

Your guide to public transport, Citymapper shows you the fastest routes to wherever you want to go. Based on your current location, it provides step-by-step instructions for catching the nearest bus or train, and lists the next three arrivals so you can choose exactly when to leave. It also delivers a gentle tap to let you know when you’ve reached your stop.

2. Hyundai Blue Link :

Connect to your Blue Link equipped Hyundai vehicle from your smartphone. Blue Link technology enables and empowers you while you are on the go, giving you access to your Blue Link features in your office, at home, or just about anywhere.

3. Rules :

Get your daily brain workout with this twitch-puzzle game even when you’re on the go. Each mind exercise is hosted by cute animated characters who lead you through 10 different stages towards a daily goal. You can get detailed statistics on your progress or quickly scan your summaries.

4. ESPN :

Stay up to date with breaking sports news or follow a specific game. The ESPN app can send you a notification after each score change or noteworthy play. See real-time scores and details like who’s at bat, who just made a three-pointer or which team is in the red zone.

5. Shazam :

What’s that song? And what’s that singer saying? With Shazam for Apple Watch, a tap on the app icon prompts your iPhone to listen to what’s playing. Your Apple Watch displays the name of the song, the artist and the lyrics. Feel free to sing harmony, because the words automatically advance in time with the music.

6. Sky Guide :

See a calendar of upcoming astronomical events — the full moon, meteor showers, eclipses and more. Sky Guide can send you a notification when an event is about to happen in the skies above your location. And it will even alert you when the International Space Station is due to fly over — and let you tweet one of its astronauts.

7. Strava :

With your iPhone in your pocket, Apple Watch shows your real-time stats like elevation gain, average speed, distance and heart rate during your ride or run. Segment-by-segment updates give you details of your workout to keep you motivated. And you’ll receive a trophy when you set a personal record.

8. Pacemaker DJ :

It’s like having your own personal DJ. Pacemaker DJ uses the Autopilot DJ feature from your iPad app. Skip a track. Or skip two. Autopilot DJ quickly mixes the tracks you choose so everything blends together seamlessly. If you’re not sure what to play, it will scan your playlist to find the perfect tunes and provide the perfect mix.

9. Nike+ Running :

Take your iPhone on a run but keep it in your pocket. The Nike+ Running app puts your distance, duration and pace right on your Apple Watch. See when friends send you a cheer. And with Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to music wirelessly during your workout.

10. Tripadvisor :

Find that hidden gem of a restaurant on your next trip. Unearth dozens of things to do while discovering a new town. Everything that makes TripAdvisor the perfect travel companion is now on your Apple Watch. Get instant information on hundreds of nearby restaurants, sights and tourist destinations.


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