7 apps for Android which save the charge of your smartphone’s battery

7 apps for Android - save smartphone’s batteryModern gadgets need very powerful batteries. However even powerful batteries often cannot cope with increased workload. There are several applications, which will help you to save the charge of battery of your smartphone.

1. Amplify Battery Extender

Amplify Battery ExtenderTens of applications can simultaneously work in your smartphone in background mode. Amplify allows to manage frequency and duration of processor’s wake-up. Application can forbid automatic launching and block unnecessary system services. By these actions, it saves time, which device can work without charging.

2. Battery Doctor

Battery DoctorApplication has a big button that allows you to turn off all resources, which discharge battery. Also you can clear the cache of the system, look through detailed statistics of battery usage and switch the profiles according to schedule. Battery Doctor cannot automatically reduce the frequency of processor of device. But it helps to charge your smartphone in a right way – start and finish charging in optimal period of time, that significantly continues the life span of battery.

3. Battery Saver

Battery SaverBattery saver offers saving the power at the expense of limitation of processor frequency. User has only to indicate, to how much percent he or she wants to extend the life of his or her gadget. Battery Saver will reduce the frequency of processor to the necessary level.

4. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery SaverFree application can make background processes sleep, show detailed statistics of usage of battery resources, and switch profiles of saving power. Main function of DU Battery Saver is launched by pressing on button “Optimize” at the home screen. Application scans memory, thus defining services, which consume too much energy, and stops them. At the settings, you can find “white list”, which serves for important applications such as alarm clocks.

5. Greenify

GreenifyDevelopers of application created special technology, which allows lulling to sleep installed programs in order they do not use battery power. At the same time, they remain completely able to work and you can use them at any moment. But Greenify has essential disadvantage — it requires root-access for using the majority of its functions.

6. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery MonitorWith GSam Battery Monitor, you can establish total control of battery usage. This program show you whole information about all power consumers, based on which you will be able to take measures. This program cannot save battery power, but data provided by this application will help you to find all weak points due to which battery serves less than scheduled term.

7. Servicely

ServicelyServicely will help you to manage programs, background services of which constantly awaken processor and use the battery power for nothing. Servicely works in background mode and in defined intervals checks the list of working processes and services. If application finds those processes, that are in block-list, then it turns off them. However, Servicely also requires root-access for its functioning.