How to arrange icons at any place of iOS home screen

With workaround, but without Jailbreak.
iOS home screen 1One of the fatuous iOS restrictions is impossibility of arranging icons at any place of home screen. Really, why can’t we place program icon at, for instance, right bottom corner without filling all space with icons?

Users with jailbreak don’t have such problem, and for other we recommend to use iempty.tooliphone for task solution.

This method based on adding transparent shortcuts, which will occupy place at the screen and move application to necessary position. Be ready, instruction is not very fast, but there is no complexity in this procedure.

  1. Turn on Reduce Motion (Settings > General > Accessibility) in order to get rid of Live Wallpaper or turn off Perspective in background image settings.
    iOS home screen 2
  2. Go over to icon editing mode (press any icon for a few seconds).
  3. Open the most right desktop, where no icons and make screenshot (simultaneously press Home + Power buttons).
  4. Go to in Safari
    iOS home screen 3
  5. Click Customize – Custom Mode – Add.
    iPhone home screen icon
  6. Tap Select file and choose our screenshot from Gallery.
    iOS home screen icons6
  7. Click Upload Photo and you will see your home screen with empty icons.
    iOS home screen icons 7
  8. Click on squares where you want to place empty icons.
    iOS home screen icons 8
  9. At opened page, you will see the icon with part of wallpapers in necessary place, click Share and select “Add to Home Screen”.
  10. Do not edit anything and click Add.
  11. At home screen you will find shortcut. Arrange it in the right place and it will coalesce with background image.
  12. Return to browser and create such shortcuts for other positions at the screen.

Unfortunately, you cannot change quickly the place of icon by this way. You will always need to create “invisible” icons. If you change your wallpapers, you will have to repeat all procedure from very beginning.

Why do you need it? You can arrange apps or separate them by subject matter without using folders.

Most useful use of such capability is shift of icons on one or two rows down in order not to reach for upper icons and not to use reachability mode on big iPhone displays.