British company hired a robot-manager to office

intelligent robotSuch message appeared in the website of University of Birmingham, which developed robot.

New employee has the name Betty. She will be a trainee during 2 month. Her duties include greeting guests at reception, keeping order in office, monitoring of tables of employees and environmental conditions at the office (temperature, noise level etc.).

Robot Betty “sees” the world

Software, under which Betty is running, allows her to process all incoming data, navigate herself in the environment and learn. She has cameras and scanners, which help her “to see” surrounding objects and people.

intelligent robot 2

Betty is a part of STRANDS project, where robots are learning to “perceive” 3D space in real conditions.

“For robots to work alongside humans in normal work environments it is important that they are both robust enough to operate autonomously without expert help, and that they learn to adapt to their environments to improve their performance”, – said Dr Nick Hawes, Head of STRANDS project.

Betty also has eyes and she is able to meet and accompany guests and employees. In addition, robot will watch the employees after the end of working day.