Why should you buy Android smartphone instead of iPhone?

Why is Apple not the same as it was ? And is it worth to overpay for iPhone? You will find answers on these questions in this article. So there are at least 4 reasons to choose Android smartphone instead of iPhone.

Android VS Apple

First reason. You have choice in design and sizes

iPhone VS Android 2

Let’s look on iPhone 6s Plus, for instance. It is very big because of giant frames around display. Big display is great, but sometimes it is not convenient, when you cannot even put it in your pocket. And it can’t be helped — Apple doesn’t have alternatives. So you can get iPhone 6s with the same design, but smaller screen and battery, or little iPhone SE with body of 2013 year. In the same time in Android world, you just not have such problem. The notorious 4, 4.7 and 5.5 inches do not limit screen size. You can buy compact smart with big screen. There are a lot of varieties with design and body materials: glass, wood, plastic and even ballistic nylon.

As opposed to iPhone owners, users of Android devices have choice.

Second reason. Functions, which iPhone will never have

Android VS Apple 3

iPhone does not have many cool things, which are routine matter for Android smartphones for a long time. Waterproof body, wireless charging, normal NFC support etc. You may say that Apple implement only important features, and no technologies for the sake of technologies. On the one hand it is true, but from other hand – who will refuse a waterproof body or fast charger?

Third reason. Android is a freedom

Android VS Apple 4

Many users choose Android because of its openness. You can do almost everything you want. You can remodel all system, adapt interface for yourself, and you have many tools for that. It is not iOS, where you can maximum change wallpapers or line up icons by colors. If you bought powerful smartphone with unattractive interface –  everything is in your hands. Change look of icons, install external launchers, fonts — customization capabilities in Android are almost unlimited.

One of the important advantages of Android over iOS is open file system. You can download music archives in FLAC directly to your smartphone without any restriction. In iPhone you can of course use external file managers, but they often do not work properly. Thereby, if you want have freedom and individuality, you should choose Android smartphone.

Forth reason. You can find Android smartphone for any purse

Android VS Apple 5

If you need to buy inexpensive smartphone, iPhone is not for you. You can choose from “inexpensive” iPhone SE or used iPhone 5s. But it is not for everybody. Now there are many stylish Android smartphones such as Samsung A5, which have attractive design, good hardware and are inexpensive. Great alternative for those who don’t need flagships features, but want to get nice and functional device. iPhone cannot offer something like that.