Digest: best gadgets, which you can buy now at KickStarter

Here you can find the most interesting gadgets, in which you can invest right now at the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.


Boomboxes from 1980s so cool that many people are ready just to feast one’s eyes upon them. For such fans of boomboxes, inventors developed special paintings with image of legendary boomboxes with build-in loudspeakers. Therefore, these audio-visual arts can put out quite good sound, playing music via Bluetooth or cable.

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Case with removable memory and battery

Eternal problem with shortage of free space in iPhone can be solved by different methods. And case i.dime, which accumulates means on Kickstarter, is one of such methods. Case connects with smartphone via Lightning connector. And tiny removable storage is fastened to it with magnet. Access to files is realized with mobile app. You can copy these files from storage via special adapter. You can also buy 4500 mAh battery as an additional accessory.

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Wearable subwoofer

We literally feel vibrations, when standing near powerful subwoofer. Almost the same effect, but with lesser discomfort for people around, you can get using The Basslet. It is bracelet, which looks like watch and penetrates your body with vibrations, in time with playing music. Special small engine is responsible for processing and allotment of low frequencies from band.

Gadget is compatible with any sound source and does not require additional equipment for connection. You can use it with smartphones, PCs, game consoles and VR-headsets.

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Smart ring Nimb with a panic button

Personal safety remains one of the most important topics. Author of Nimb endured attempt on her life. That is why she created the ring, which can save life in case of emergency. It looks like beautiful accessory, but differs with hidden panic button, which send your GPS coordinates to given mobile numbers if its owner holds it on during 3 seconds. Battery charge will be enough for 2 weeks of usage. Ring supports both iOS and Android devices.

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