How to charge iPhone and iPod in a right way

charge iPhone and iPodApple published advices in the website how to charge its gadget in a right way. Such actions will help to extend the lifetime of battery.

Firstly, company explained the terms “Battery life” and “Battery lifespan”. Battery life is the time between two charging. Battery lifespan is amount of time, when battery works until it needs to be replaced.

General tips

Company advises to avoid extreme ambient temperatures and reminds that comfortable range for devices is from 10 to 35 Celsius degrees for MacBook and from 0 to 35 Celsius degrees for iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch.

Apple also recommends upgrading software regularly. It is explained by the fact, that new versions of operating systems increase the autonomy of devices. It is not recommended to connect devices to turned-off PC, because it can lead to the loss of battery capacity.

Other tips for owners of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch include optimizing such setting as Wi-Fi and brightness. Firstly, turn on Auto-Brightness, which will adjusts your screen to lighting conditions automatically. Secondly, keep Wi-Fi on at all times, because Wi-Fi connection uses less power than cellular network, when you use Internet at your device.