How Chrome OS turned from failed experiment into competitor of Windows

We will tell you what Chrome OS is, whether it can measure its strength with Windows and OS X and why Chromebook became more popular than MacBook. All information about how Google was creating the operating system out of browser. Chromebook - Chrome OS - 1

How it all began

Several years ago, Google presented its operating system Chrome OS, which was Chrome browser as such. Many people interpreted this as failed experiment, because it scanty for operating system. Without Internet access, Chrome OS was almost useless, it has no usual software. Users had access only to Google services and many extensions known due to Chrome browser.

However, there were also advantages of it: system didn’t require high-performance hardware and cost of laptop didn’t exceed $300. It was cheaper than majority of Windows-based devices and a fortiori of MacBook.

Already more than a browser

Chromebook - Chrome OS - 27 years have passed since then, and many things have changed. System became more functional, self-sufficient, got support of offline programs. Yes, with Internet connection, it still can do more, but now we can say the same about any operating system. In off-line mode, you can listen to music, watch films, work with documents. Such capabilities satisfy requirements of most users.

Google’s estimates were right: people spend most of their time in browser. Or more exactly – in Google Chrome. It is the most popular browser in the world — its share is approximately 50%. That is why Google decided to offer reasonable by price device, which has most users’ favorite browser with various extensions. And nothing more. Interface is simple and laconic. It can be mastered even by child. To the point, Chromebooks are often bought for the education and corporative segment. Due to this fact, there were sold almost 2 million of Chromebooks against 1,76 million of MacBook.

Another important thing, that soon Chrome OS will get native support of Android applications. Thus, Chromebooks owners before long will get access to almost all application assortment of Google Play. It is important to notice that these applications are native, thus have access to Wi-Fi, RAM, CPU and other necessary components.

In other words, we have now new Android-device, but with advanced facilities. Yes, it is will not Windows or OS X. However, for most users there will be enough functionality of Chromebook.

Advantages of Chromebook

Chromebook - Chrome OS - 31. Price

In USA, inexpensive Windows-laptop costs $400-700. Cost of MacBooks starts with $899. In the same time, most Chromebooks cost doesn’t exceed 300$. Perfect option for schoolchildren, students or other people who need laptops only for using Internet and working with documents.

2. Simplicity

Chromebooks are simple in usage. They fast, easily customized; absolutely everyone can master it: from children to old people.

3. Big variety

Chromebook’s line is quite wide. There are laptops with screen sizes from 11 to 15 inch. Hardware is also diverse: from mobile CPU, which usually used in smartphones, to Intel processors.

4. Ecosystem

If you are owner of Android smartphone, Chromebook will become deserving addition for your ecosystem. Thanks to Google services, all data are synchronizing. You also can work with third-party software thanks to native support of Android applications.

Disadvantages of Chrome OS

Chromebook - Chrome OS - 41. Dependence from Internet

Chromebooks’ work connected with network. Without internet, their capabilities vanishes. Despite of the fact that Internet is almost everywhere, it can be serious problem for many people.

2. Absence of serious software

Chromebooks will not do for serious work. You will not be able to install Photoshop, AutoCAD and other software, which can be used at Windows and OS X. Such devices will be more useful for those, who spend most of their time in browser, and also for those, who actively uses Google services.

So what is next?

There is no doubt that Google made a big step for 7 years, but experts say that it is only beginning. Popularity of Cromebooks will increase significantly when system starts to support Android applications.

It will turn from interesting experiment into advanced Android operating system for inexpensive laptops. In this case, it will become competitor of Microsoft, not of Apple, which is oriented on premium segment. Because you know, Microsoft generally earns on selling software for corporate segment and licenses for selling laptops. Dramatic increase of Chromebooks popularity can significantly effect on Microsoft’s sales.