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Copyright Policy – GeekViz


GeekViz is strictly a NO Plagiarism blog.  All the content here at GeekViz is copyrighted to Akhil Gupta and may not be reproduced without prior permissions. You are allowed to copy or reproduce our content with attribution only. If we come across any content republished illegally in a blog or website from GeekViz, we’d file a complaint with their advertising partners like Google Adsense and DMCA department of their web hosting company.


If in case you liked the content published here at GeekViz and you want to reproduce the same, then you must comply by our Copyright Policy:

  1. Contact me before copying down the content.
  2. You’re allowed to link our content in your blog or website only after I approve of it
  3. Make sure that you are not copying down the whole article, as you are allowed to copy only a paragraph extending up to 6 – 7 lines only. You must indicate clearly that the content has been reproduced by you and is owned and derived from GeekViz and you must give credits to our website or blog.
  4. Please do not hotlink our images or files.
  5. In order to send us your article, visit our Contact Us page here and ensure you followed up the procedure as stated.