How to define the battery wear level of iPhone and iPad

battery wear level of iPhone and iPad - 2iPhone and iPad is characterized with deserved indicators of independent working time. But their batteries are not eternal, unfortunately. After a while, they lose their capacity, and with the lapse of time they need to be replaced. iOS continuously monitors state of battery, so owners of Apple smartphones and tablets can always define battery wear level and the moment, when it is time to replace battery.

Any modern batteries have limited numbers of full discharging cycles. After that, batteries begin to lose declared capacity. Full discharging cycle is the process of discharging of device from 100% to 0%.

iPhone battery loses up to 20% of its capacity already after 500 such full discharging cycles. Batteries of Apple Watch and iPad lose 20% of capacity after 1000 full discharging cycles and iPod – after 400 cycles.

How to check the state of iPhone and iPad batteries

To estimate the state of battery, you can use third-party application Battery Life. In home screen it shows the wear level and gives rate: Perfect, Good, Bad and Very Bad. If you go to Raw Data in the main menu, then in the line Cycles you will find the number of charging cycles.battery wear level of iPhone and iPad - 5

Also you can find out the battery wear level with desktop application iBackupbot. When you launch the program, you will need to connect your iOS-device to PC and select this gadget in the section “Devices”.

In the right corner of window, you will see technical data. There you should click “More Information”, where you will see the number of charging cycles of battery (CycleCount).battery wear level of iPhone and iPad 3

battery wear level of iPhone and iPad - 4

How to extend the lifetime of iPhone and iPad battery

battery wear level of iPhone and iPadEarlier GeekViz has already written how to charge iPhone and iPod in a right way. Also you should keep the charge level between 80% and 40%. It is not recommended charge the device up to 100%, because it considerably decreases its operation life. However, too frequent chargings is also harmful for battery. Thus, approximately once per month you should nevertheless perform one full charging cycle.