5 popular applications, which you shouldn’t install at your Android gadget

Nowadays you can see a great number of different applications in Google Play. And it is very difficult to find necessary app. In this situation many users are guided by such indicators as number of downloads and rating. However, should you always trust such numbers? No! Here you will see 5 bestsellers of Google Play, which indeed are undisguised trash.don't install these apps on Android

QuickPic Gallery

In the past, it was one of the best graphics viewer for Android. Easy, fast, functional and absolutely free. But all these advantages was before buying the app by Cheetah Mobile. After that, special code was put in QuickPica. As a result, app became to gather information about its users and send it to the servers of this Chinese company. Moreover, we’ve got annoying advertisement of cloud service, which has reduced to zero all past advantages of this popular gallery.QuickPic Gallery

ES File Explorer

One of the best file managers for Android recently has got into loud scandal because of failed try of developers to earn on advertisement. At that time ES File Explorer has got new utility program, which (according to developers) had to save battery charge. Indeed, it turned into ordinary advertising module, which was showing advertisement at lock screen. Consequently, it ate up additional traffic, and battery was charging at 20% faster. After some period, developers deleted adware from the application. However, what surprise will developers of ES File Explorer prepare next time?ES File Explorer

UC Browser

One of the most popular browser in the world, which offers excellent functionality and work speed. So what is the problem with it?

Tracking. Simultaneously several computer security specialists paid attention that UC Browser IMEI, Android ID, MAC-adress of device and other user data to the server of company “Umeng”. This company is occupied with gathering information for online marketplace company “Alibaba”. Thus, if you takes care about your personal data, you should avoid using this app.UC Browser

DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

Extremely popular app, which has 7 million (!) downloads in Google Play. It promises to equip your gadget with special intelligent features, which will allow obtaining of fantastic battery charge saving.

Indeed, the only achievement of DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge is an excellent work of marketing department, which have deceived so many users. Intelligent energy saving? Fast and full battery charging? Only illusion! In the same time, application has a lot of advertisement.DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

Clean Master

Some time ago, this program was easy and functional cleaner of trash accumulated in Android. But now it has great number of surplus features. Nowadays Clean Master is also antivirus, blocker, CPU cooler, autostart manager, games accelerator etc. Unfortunately, not all of these function are working properly. At the same time, Clean Master is properly showing the advertisement.

Clean MasterAnd what popular applications with bad reputation do you know? Publish your black lists in comments!