Germans released Ethernet adapter for iPhone and iPad

Ethernet adapter for iPhone and iPad - 1Apple mobile devices do not have Ethernet port. But there are different situations in life, when you don’t have nor Wi-Fi, neither PC, but you need an access to the Internet very much. Especially for such cases, Rebotnix Technologies developed Ethernet adapter RB-Connect, which allows going to the Internet from i-gadgets via Ethernet.

Smart and compact Ethernet adapter

Ethernet adapter is compatible with all devices running iOS, allowing easily connect to wire Internet. In addition, RB-Connect does not require any power or downloading of app from App Store – it easily connects with the help of Lightning cable.Ethernet adapter for iPhone and iPad - 2

It is worth to note that you can see an error notification at the screen of your mobile device in case if you connect adapter to iPhone or iPad before the adapter will be connected to the network. Apple will notify you that this USB device is not supported.

You can order Ethernet adapter for iPhone and iPad at Kickstarter for 99 euro. However, the question remains, how many users of RB-Connect will be found in everyday life.