Everything We Know About iPad Pro or iPad Plus : Rumors Roundup

With a great level of saturation hitting the smartphone and tablet markets, the latter has suffered a serious blow to its contention to the glory that smartphone market has been receiving, specially at Apple. Pretty evident it is from the fact that the sales of Apple iPads have declined for the fifth straight quarter. While Apple would surely be trying to thump its authority in the Tablet market with the release of a refreshed line of iPads this year, as is the case every year, what has lately been the biggest talking point in this new range of iPads is the unveiling of a bigger iPad, rumored to be named iPad Pro or iPad Plus.

After the unveiling of the last set of upgrades to its iPad range, Apple has come into its own with some radical product and feature launches that might also replicate on iPad Pro. Be it the launch of Macbook range with a force touch enabled trackpad or the launch of Apple Pay or the unveiling of iOS 9 which brings in support for Split-Screen and Picture-in-Picture multitasking options. One may really be ecstatic to see if it turn out to be the case as it has been over the last few years for all software and hardware upgrades being carried forward to the iPad range, surely, iPad Pro is the next big thing that one can look forward to.

So then, to sum up all that might power the new iPad pro or iPad plus range from Apple, we pin down all the rumors that are viable enough to be really be replicated in reality. Take a look!

Everything We Know About iPad Pro or iPad Plus : Rumors Roundup

1. Screen Size & Resolution :

ipad pro plus rumors

The new iPad Pro is expected to boast a 12.9-inch High Definition screen which comes at 1366 x 1024 pixel resolution which after the famous “Retina” scaling would effectively become 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution.

2. Force Touch & Predictive Touch ready : 


At the unveiling of the latest range of Macbooks, Apple launched its new Force Touch technology enabled trackpads which adds a dimension of tracking the pressure sensitivity in order to enhance the interactive capabilities. Also with a mention of a new Predictive touch feature which contemplates where a given touch is headed on the screen using various specific benchmarks, rumors have it that Apple is ready to launch its new iPad along with a Stylus!

3. Split Screen & Picture-in-Picture support :


At the unveiling of iOS 9 at WWDC this year, the most longed feature that came to the fore was the support for multitasking on iPads. With split screen, one can now run multiple apps at any given time resulting in efficient use of the screen space and size. The Picture-in-Picture gets you run your favorite video or have a Facetime with your loved ones side-by-side while accessing any other app on the iPad with a resizable, floating window. What better than a bigger screen, that iPad Pro is rumored to come along, to flawlessly handle these multi tasking capabilities.

4. NFC & USB-C support :


With the launch of Apple Pay, the tap-to-pay functionality that wooed many customers and with support for the same extended to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and more recently, the Apple Watch, Apple may be considering to power this new device with NFC support. Rather than being used as a device to pay out to various vendors, Apple may even be considering to use this iPad Pro as a terminal to receive payments from iPhones and Apple Watch. For the USB-C making its debut on Macbook range, the inclusion of USB-C support in iPad Pro would mean extension of iPad to easy compatibility with a whole range of accessories.

Well, if all of these rumors do turn out into a reality, we might well just see a complete overhaul of the tablet market by who other than Apple, again!


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