Extension “Email Dictation” allows you to dictate emails in Gmail

This extension for Chrome browser will be useful for those who spend much time answering the emails. Thanks to this extension, you will be able to dictate big emails without using keyboard at all.
Email Dictation allows you to dictate emails in Gmail - 2

Many great men had special assistants, who listened their clever ideas and helped to fix them on paper. Due to the Email Dictation you can also have such assistant. You can easily dictate an email on one of the 32 languages, which it supports.Email Dictation allows you to dictate emails in GmailAfter installing this extension, two new buttons will appear in the interface of creating new email. One of them allows selecting necessary language, and other is serving for record activation. Notice, that you won’t be able to change the language during dictation, so do it beforehand.

For its work, Email Dictation uses engine of Google’s speech recognition, built-in in Chrome. That is why quality of its work is maximally high. Extension recognizes even rather complicated texts almost without mistakes. You can put punctuation marks in the text also via voice commands.

Usage of this extension is quite reasonable if you often send long emails. It is quite possible, that dictated text will require some correction. Nevertheless, it is faster way of “writing” text than via keyboard.

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