Fashionalbe flat caps

One of the most recognizable hats worn by men in the 19th century, there were flat caps, although their history dates back to the 16th century. They were very popular at the beginning of the twentieth century in the United States. Today, many young people appreciate their timeless look, and willingly bears the classic flat caps. They are made of high quality materials, so we can choose between tweed caps, linen caps cotton caps, and woolen caps. Of course, individual models may vary in some details, these can be, for example, caps with a stiff visor. Once flat flasks were associated with people from lower social classes, and with workers. but today these stools have been obliterated, and flat caps are associated with a universal fashion. They have a lot of different names, like, for example, Gavroche cap, gatsby ap, fiddler cap. Another example caps, which were formed long ago, and are popular these days, there are all kinds of caps aviation, like a bomber cap. Originally they are worn by First World War fighter pilots, but today they are good choice for motorcycle drivers, owners or convertible. They are made of skin friendly shearling leather, so they are very comfortable. Also wear them willingly, all aficionados of history, and in particular the First and Second World War.