How to find your iPhone, even it is in the silent mode

Do you not like situations, when you cannot find your iPhone in your own flat? Firstly, within 20 minutes, you hate yourself for absent-mindedness and check all places in the room. And finally, you find it between cushions.How to find your iPhone, even it is in the silent mode

Situation becomes more difficult, when you do not have another phone near at hand. Or when your main gadget is in silent mode. Or if it is discharged.

How to find your iPhone

Here is the fastest way to find your phone – free of charge and without any stress. You just need a laptop or tablet. Surprisingly, how many people do not know about this method.

  1. Go to and log in under your Apple ID.
  2. Select “Find my phone”, and service will show you location of your device.
  3. Select your phone at the map and click I button.
  4. Click “Play Sound”. Now your phone will make a noise, until you find and unlock it.

Keep in mind, that smartphone will make a rather loud noise. Thus, if you have a child in the room, this function will definitely wake him or her up.