5 gadgets will help you forget about discharged smartphone

5 gadgets to charge smartphoneLook at these five gadgets which will help your smartphone to work far from socket.

If you use many capabilities of your smartphone, it can turn off because of discharged battery even in the middle of the day. It does not matter, when you are near the socket. However, you do not always have such opportunity. The biggest problem with smartphone battery you have during travelling, when you rest at the sea, or in forest or in mountains.

So, there are 5 gadgets, which will help you to recharge your smartphone at short notice.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi Power BankIf you are tourist, you definitely should have a power bank in your bag. Such device is compact, but it will help you to recharge your smartphone at any moment. And even several times. Number of charging depends on battery and Power bank capacities.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank has high capacity – 10000 mAh. It will be enough for charging your smartphone several times. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S7 has battery with 3000 mAh capacity, thus you will be able to charge it three times with Xiaomi Mi Power Bank.

Powertraveller Powermonkey expedition

Powertraveller Powermonkey expeditionPowertraveller Powermonkey expedition also will help you to charge your smartphone without socket. Its capacity is 10500 mAh. But it is more interesting device, because it can be charged via solar energy or manually (when you turn handle of dynamo).

Case-battery “Smart Battery Case”

Smart Battery CaseIt is not always convenient to carry additional gadget. And you can forget to take it with yourself. That is why special case-battery will be a solution. Smart Battery Case is convenient for carrying, and you will hardly forget about it. However, such device also has a big disadvantage – a very high price.

Grand-X CH-33 USB

Grand-X CH-33 USBFor those who travel by car, there is no problem with charging devices. You just need to have special charger for cars. For example, it can be Grand-X CH-33. Such device has 3 USB connectors, so you will be able to charge not only smartphone, but also tablet, e-book or other device.

BioLite CampStove

BioLite CampStoveThis device is very exotic way of charging for those, who have rest far from civilization. BioLite CampStove literally works on the firewoods, turning heat energy into electric power. To charge your smartphone, you just need to fill CampStove with twigs, dead leaves or rind and connect it to your smartphone via USB. In addition, you will be able to cook something or to boil water with the help of this device.