Smart gadget will help to overcome sleeplessness

Smart gadget will help to overcome sleeplessnessOriginal gadgets for overcoming sleeplessness came into European market for $250. You can set this system near your bed, and it will attentively listen to sounds and monitor air quality and lighting.

This project is one of the most successful project in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter ever. It is expected that gadget for sleep will be able to change lives of sleeplessness victims and of those, who does not have a good sleep because of too anxious or sensitive sleep.

Gadget was developed by 24-years London resident and now it is being sold all across the Europe. Approximately year ago this device has been successfully send in USA. Now you can buy it in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany and many other countries.

How it helps to overcome sleeplessness

Gadget for healthy sleep contains sensors, which monitor almost all indicators from air quality to noises, informing to owner about how he sleeps and how he or she can sleep better. It connects to smartphones and tablets via mobile application, which analyze all information.

Users can choose calming melodies and sounds, which device utters during sleep in order to help to fall into sleep quicker. The control of light level allows to set up optimal light in the bedroom. Gadget also has sensors of temperature and humidity, which work during the whole day.

One more sensor estimates intensity of pollen and other substances, which can cause allergic reaction, in the air. Gadget also has special accelerometers, which are attached to the pillow. These accelerometers fix the slightest human motions. In other words, main task of this device is to inform its owner about his or her sleep, reasons of problems and ways of dealing with them.