Google Docs vs Word Online. Comparison by 30 parameters

What editor for collaborative work with documents is better?
Google Docs vs Word Online - 1Nowadays there are two most popular free text editors for collaborative work such as Google Docs and Word Online. On the face of it, they are very similar by functionality and almost equal by opportunities. And it is very difficult to make well-grounded choice between them. Usually, those, who uses One Drive, use Word Online and Google Drive users choose Google Docs.

In this article we will analyze in details what features each editor has. Therefore, you will get good understanding of their main features and be able to choose the most suitable solution.

Possibility to edit documents without authorization into Google/Microsoft account

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 1:1.

Edit history

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 2:2.

Chat inside document

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 3:3 .

Available formats for downloading the documents

Office Online: PDF, ODT, DOCX.
Score: 4:3.

Integration with file storage

Google Docs vs Word Online 2Google Docs: yes (Google Drive).
Word Online: yes (One Drive, Yandex.Disk).
Score: 5:4.

Possibility to work with application without Internet connection

Google Docs: yes (if you use Chrome browser, then you can work with Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet and Google Slides offline).
Word Online: no.
Score: 6:4.

Possibility to open applicaion’s files via offline tools

Google Docs: no (you can open files, which are made via Google apps and saved in Google Drive, only with these applications).
Word Online: yes (you can open files, which are made via Word Online and saved in One Drive, in MS Office, Pages etc.).
Score: 6:5.

Hot keys

Google Docs: yes.
Word Online: yes .
Score: 7:6.

Possibility to print document

Google Docs vs Word Online 3Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 8:7 .

Sending documents via email directly from text editor

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 9:8.


Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 10:9.

Formulas insertion

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: no.
Score: 11:9.

Possibility of drawing without leaving editor (flowchart, for instance)

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: no.
Score: 12:9.


Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 13:10 .

Possibility to see only document structure (headings)

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: no.
Score: 14:10 .

Possibility to move file in other folder in cloud storage without leaving text editor

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: no (but you can quickly enter in One drive from Word Online) Score: 15:10


Google Docs vs Word Online 4Google Docs: yes (hundreds).
Word Online: yes (twenty).
Score: 16:10.

Formulas in tables

Google Docs: no.
Word Online: no.
Score: 16:10 .


Google Docs: yes.
Word Online: no.
Score: 17:10.

Symbol counter

Google Docs: yes.
Word Online: no (but there is a word counter) .
Score: 18:10.

Inserting pictures from Internet links

Google Docs: yes.
Word Online: yes.
Score: 19:11.

App for iOS

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score: 20:12.

App for Android

Google Docs: yes.
Office Online: yes.
Score 21:13 .

App for Windows Phone

Google Docs: yes, but it is from a third-party developer and its functionality is very limited.
Office Onlineyes.
Score: 21:14.

Integration with Sway

Google Docs vs Word Online 5Sway is a new product in MS Office line. It allows make reports, presentations, dashboards and other visual instruments for presenting ideas in the Internet.
Google Docs: no (and Google does not have yet analogue of Sway).
Office Online: yes.
Score: 21:15 .

Integration with Skype chat

Google Docs: no (but you can attach documents to Hangouts chat).
Office Online: yes.
Score: 21:16.


Google Docs: yes (Google Apps Script allows to automate any operation of Google Docs user and link editor with other Google applications).
Word Online: no.
Score: 21:16 .

Possibility to add own commands in menu

Google Docs: yes.
Word Online: no.
Score: 22:16.

Possibility to extend functionality via extensions

Google Docs: yes.
Word Online: no.
Score: 23:16.


Google Docs leave Office Online behind by functionality. It has almost twice as much different useful features. But you can manage without them. If you just want to edit document with several people, then Microsoft has all necessary tools for that. In addition Word Online adds new features in more active way than Google Docs.

But if you need to automate your work, use translator and/or speech recognition (it is possible with extension) and do other unusual things, you’d better use Google Docs. Or common MS Word, if you don’t need to edit documents together with other people through Internet.


Google Docs/Office Online have a range of less popular analogues. If you don’t want to share your data with Google or Microsoft, then find information about such applications (many of them can work at your server, so you can ensure completely confidential working with documents within your team):

  • Zoho Docs
  • Teamlab Office
  • Libre Office Online
  • Feng Office Community Edition
  • Zimbra.