Google Keep now sorts notes by itself

Google Keep now became even more attractive than Evernote. Note taking service has learned to define the subject area of your notes and allocate them by categories.Google Keep now sorts notes by itself

Google Keep will make your work with notes easier

Despite of the fact that all notes in Google Keep are displayed in one working space, it is very easy to find necessary note. You have tags and search line for this purpose. And now Google added also a function of automatic organization of elements by categories. Now, when you add any note, artificial intelligence analyzes its content and puts this note in one of the appropriate categories (for instance, “Travelling”, “Food”, “Books”, “Music”, etc.).

To look through elements in any category, you need to touch search line and then go to section “Objects”. This function will be very useful for those users, who forgets or is lazy to give tags for the notes. Now Google algorithms will keep order in your notes and allow to easily displaying only those notes, which are concerned to the topic you are interested in.Google Keep now sorts notes by itself - 3

Function of automatic allocation of notes by categories is already accessible in the web version of Google Keep. Android and iOS users need to wait a little bit for an update of mobile apps. However the most impatient users can download and install new installer at APK Mirror.