New cerebro-helmet allows remote controlling over people

American enthusiast Allen Pan developed a helmet, which allows control over people via console from radio-controlled car. He published a video, where he demonstrates how device works, in his YouTube channel.Like helmet of Professor X

Like helmet of Professor X

In the capacity of prototype, Pan took a helmet of Professor X from Marvel comics. For creating device, he has used console from radio-controlled toy car, as well as current limiter and H Bridge from it.

Consequently, Pan created a scheme, which control current feed on electrodes. They are fixed near the ears and carry out galvanic vestibular stimulation, i.e. influence on vestibular roots of vestibulocochlear nerves.

When operator commands via remote console, man in helmet feels like his postural pose in space is changing. Under feeble currents effect, he mechanically tries to balance yourself. In order to do this, man steps in that side, in which operator directs him.

Pan tested device by himself and then proposed testing to volunteers. Results are impressive: almost all tests are successful: