How To Add Fingerprint Lock Support on Android without Fingerprint Scanner

With the smartphone market evolving at the rate of knots, we, as Users, are being conferred some of the most amazing technologies, right in our hands. In an era where Desktop-class performance is sought to be inculcated on the smartphones that come loaded with some incredible processors, cameras and displays from various manufacturers, what we are now starting to see in this ever-so-competitive smartphone market is the addition of various stand-out features that try and take the game away from the competition. Be it the use of USB-C ports to let users transfer/share data faster or the newly launched 3D Touch display on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that bring along a whole new dimension to the way smartphone displays interact to the the sensitivity of tap made by a user, we are surely at the helm of experiencing a certain shift in the capabilities a smartphone is expected to come along with.

Along with all of this, one feature that’s showing up on all the recently launched smartphones, irrespective of the manufacturer they come from or the OS they run, is the Fingerprint scanner support. One of the main reasons so as to why it has become more of a norm to in-cooperate a Fingerprint scanner in nearly every smartphone launched is that not only does it provide the added security for you to secure your smartphone data but it also doubles up as an option to be used to authenticate the identity of a particular user, which can then further be used for various purposes such as making validations in payments or logging into various websites/accounts, without having to manually /remember and enter the passwords time and again. While the adoption and worthiness of such a feature is beyond doubt, this feature does get limited to only those smartphone or tablets that come with a native support for the Fingerprint Scanner with the prerequisite Fingerprint hardware mated to the smartphone’s hardware. Thus, all those older Android devices that do not have all of this are left out of various features and functions that the Fingerprint scanner support brings along. In order to find a fix for the same, we look forward to bring you today a tutorial that would allow you to add Fingerprint Lock support on Android Phone or Tablet to a device that doesn’t have the prerequisite hardware that’s required for a Fingerprint scanner. Take a look!


How To Add Fingerprint Lock Support on Android without Fingerprint Scanner

Step #1 : First up, open up the Google Play Store and search for Fingerprint AppLock (Real). Thereafter, download and install the same on your Android Device.

Step #2 : Once done, you can now fire up the application that would then prompt you to choose from a plethora of options. To get started, select ‘Finger Enroll’ which would then initiate a scanning process of your fingerprints. Prior to the scanning, you would be asked to choose from the finger you want to enroll for this fingerprint lock.

Add Fingerprint Lock Support on Android (2)

Step #3 : Thereafter, you would now be asked to repeatedly scan your desired finger for capturing and processing your fingerprint.

Add Fingerprint Lock Support on Android (1)

Step #4 : Once done, you can then choose the ‘Lock Apps’ option from the main menu and granularly select each of the app(s) that you might want to lock.

Step #5 : You can also choose to turn on Pattern Lock and/or Number Lock to lock your app(s) as additional options to choose from besides the Fingerprint Lock support.


That’s it! You are now all set to have additional added security on all of the apps chosen. The overall fingerprint lock mechanism does turn out a little slower as compared to the smartphones that come loaded with a dedicated Fingerprint scanner support, but it does help the purpose of adding additional security to your device never-the-less. We also recommend you to add Pattern lock and/or Number lock also, in case the Fingerprint scanner malfunctions.


Happy to add Fingerprint Lock Support on Android that does have an inbuilt Fingerprint scanner? Share your opinions and reactions. We’d love to hear it from you.!