How To Delete Stock Apple Apps on iPhone without Jailbreak

While at one of our recent blog-post we briefed you about the tutorial on How-to hide stock Apple Apps & Features on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak, today we bring to you a better way of doing the same, by DELETING such Apps rather than hiding them. Well this ain’t any rocket science or jailbreak tweak but rather a tutorial built up on a glitch in iOS 8 powered iPhone, it surely works efficiently to help you get rid of stock Apple Apps.

With Apple finally fixing this glitch in the iOS 9 Public beta, but for all those who haven’t upgraded to iOS 9 Public Beta and are still using a iOS 8 powered iPhone, this tutorial is worth replicating. While this would eventually not be freeing up any of the storage space taken by these stock Apple apps on your iPhone, neither is this a permanent fix to the problem, but, for all those who look to delete stock Apple Apps, just follow this step-by-step tutorial. Take a look!

How To Delete Stock Apple Apps on iPhone without Jailbreak

Step 1 : Enter editing mode on your iPhone for long-pressing on any of the icons.

Step 2 : Next up, place a non-stock App adjacent to a stock Apple App.


Step 3 : Drag the non-stock App over the stock Apple App thus creating a new folder constituting both of these apps.

Step 4 : Tap outside the new folder created once and then reopen the folder to enter it again.

Step 5 : Drag the non-stock App outside this folder adjacent to the folder containing the stock Apple App on your homescreen.

Step 6 : Next up, open up the folder containing the lone stock Apple App that you want to delete.

Step 7 : Now, you need to be really snappy at doing this to get this done. Drag the stock Apple App outside the folder right over the folder icon itself. As you may know, if you move away all the apps from a certain folder, the folder deletes itself automatically. But with this iOS 8 glitch, you can help yourself delete stock apple apps by dragging the stock Apple app on the folder itself which makes both the folder and the stock Apple app disappear.


How To Restore the Deleted Stock Apple Apps on iPhone without Jailbreak

Wondering how to get the deleted stock Apple App back on your iPhone? Well as we mentioned above, this is just because of a glitch which is making the stock Apple App go away along with the empty folder that dilutes itself, you can surely and easily get the stock Apple app back by simply restarting your iPhone.

Ecstatic to get rid of these stock Apple apps? Share your opinions and reactions. We’d love to hear it from you.!