How To Easily Share Songs on iPhone via WhatsApp or Telegram

Crippled about being restricted to share songs on iPhone? Feeling envy of the Android users who have been doing this flawlessly from long before? Well, in this ever-evolving Tech world, you are sure to find a fix or alternative to every problem that you might face. True to this, today we bring to you an app that would allow you to easily share songs on iPhone via WhatsApp or Telegram.

ShareApp is the app that allows you to flawlessly share audio files, songs or jokes with your friends on your Apple iPhone via WhatsApp or Telegram. What makes this ShareApp even more exciting to use is the fact that it brings in support to share all of these audios or jokes via WhatsApp or Telegram which have had unprecedented growth and with virtually every friend of your’s a subscriber to this smartphone messenger, you can now reach out a larger number of friends so as to share songs and audio easily. Check out some of the feature that this app brings along in order to provide you flawless sharing options:

How To Easily Share Songs on iPhone via WhatsApp or Telegram – ShareApp

1. Record audio on your iPhone and share it directly on WhatsApp.


Recorded a crazy audio but unable to sent it through to the people you love? Worry not. With ShareApp, you can now record audio inside the app itself and send it right through with your favourite WhatsApp messenger with a tap of a share button.

2. Listing all songs of iPhone music library in ShareApp. User can listen and share on WhatsApp.


Crippled about being restricted to not being able to share Songs with your friends on your iPhone? Well, with ShareApp, you can now flawlessly share Songs on iPhone. ShareApp also offers an in-built music player that would help you scroll through your music feed and thus play the song you want right away inside the app only.

3. Share Jokes from multiple categories (Marriage jokes, Teacher student jokes etc.)


Along with the option to share Songs on iPhone, ShareApp also offers a bunch of Jokes pitted among numerous categories that you can scroll according to your interests. Along with a huge library of Jokes that you can scroll and read, ShareApp also offers the option to share these jokes as well.

4. Favorite jokes from any category for quick share


ShareApp also offers to bookmark/mark your favorite jokes with a tap of a button in order to help you easily share or read those jokes marked under favourite category by you.

5. Share all these stuff to WhatsApp group and Individual friends

With an option to choose between the option to share all of this stuff with an individual friend or a WhatsApp group, ShareApp offers all the flexibility you may desire of.

6. Delete recording and music files


Also, for those weird audio that you aren’t liking any-more, ShareApp offer to you to delete those recordings or songs from your ShareApp library right within the app itself.

Verdict : With a line-up of such features that are as easy to find way through as it gets, ShareApp is a god-sent for all the iPhone users worldwide. For you to get your hands on all of this, you can choose to download the Lite Version of the app that’s being offered for free with a restriction to share songs only upto 5 times and also comes with third party advertisements. If you wish to let go of all these restrictions, go for the Pro version that comes at $0.99 with access unlimited song shares and all the other features briefed above.


Pleased to finally share songs on iPhone with your friends? Share your opinions and reactions. We’d love to hear it from you.!


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