How To Fix BootLoop Error on Windows Phone While Updating to Windows 10

With the biggest ever release to its OS lineup, Microsoft seems to have hit all the right chords at just the right time with the unveiling of Windows 10. With the criticism it faced after the release of Windows 8 for a more gesture and touch-oriented OS it stitched and the alleged patch-up it did to the same with Windows 8.1, thereby making it more of a bits-and-pieces OS so as to woo both the touch-oriented and desktop-based customers, Microsoft, consequent upon the release of Windows 10, is greeted with the reviews it so dearly craved for the last 2 of its major releases. Be it the desktop or the mobile platform, Microsoft is finally aiming to bring in a sense of consistency to its OS lineup with the OS commonly named Windows 10 for both the platforms, thereby ditching various confusing nomenclatures that have not only confused customers but has also throw wide-open the instability Microsoft has had sticking to a certain plan.

While Windows 10 for Desktop has been released and is already topping the charts with the highest migration rate from Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users, Windows 10 for Mobile is still awaited. While there isn’t any official word about the release date, speculations are rive about a late-September release, allegedly making its way to all the current Lumia Devices running Windows Phone 8.1. For all those who can’t wait till then to get a taste of what Windows 10 feels like on Smartphones, Microsoft has offered its Windows phone users to enroll into the Windows Insider program so as to get their hands on the Technical Previews released prior to the final public release. With the Technical previews for Windows 10 on Mobile already hitting the update counters, thus in-cooperating more and more features before the final public release, what has thus-far been the biggest problem faced by the Windows Insider developers/users is the Bootloop error on Windows Phone that features while updating Windows Phone 8.1 devices to Windows 10, thereby making their devices unusable. What follows is a never-ending restart bootloop that makes Windows Phones bootup time and again, display manufacturer’s logo, show up the two rotating gears that fail to make any progress towards the promised update, and thereafter, reboot, and repeat! While what actually causes this is still to be figured out, we today bring to you the simplest and the most effective tutorial on How-to fix BootLoop Error on Windows Phone while updating to Windows 10. Take a look!

BootLoop Error on Windows Phone While Updating to Windows 10

Note : Before you proceed, take care of the following things to run-into in a hassle free restoration from the bootloop error on Windows Phone :

(i) First and foremost, proceeding with this tutorial would result in complete loss of all the data that you might have on your Windows Phone. In order to keep your data safe, navigate to Settings>Backup>Apps+Settings and click Backup now.

(ii) Make sure your phone is fully charged to avoid any chances of your phone running out of juice amidst updation/restoration process.

(iii) In order to avoid various errors that might bring the process of updating/restoring your Windows Phone to a halt, disable all possible Firewalls enabled on your system.

How To Fix BootLoop Error on Windows Phone While Updating to Windows 10

Step 1 : Download and install Nokia Software Updater for Retail by clicking here.

Step 2 : Once the installation completes, launch the Nokia Software Updater for Retail and click on “My phone does not start up or respond“.

bootloop error while updating windows phone 10 (3)

Step 3 : Next up, disconnect any external phones or devices connected to your PC and click Continue.

bootloop error while updating windows phone 10 (2)

Step 4 : Once done, you would now be prompted to connect your Phone in order to fix the bootloop error on Windows Phone.

bootloop error while updating windows phone 10 (1)

Step 5 : The NSU would now itself detect the bootloop error on Windows Phone you just connected and thereafter, it would automatically show up for the available version of download that’s stable & compatible to the Windows Phone connected.

bootloop error while updating windows phone 10 (4)

Step 6 : Click Install and now the Windows 8.1 Firmware amounting a huge 1.5GB would start to download. Be patient while the download completes.

bootloop error while updating windows phone 10 (5)

Step 7 : Once the downloading completes, the NSU would itself start to install the fresh Windows 8.1 on your Phone. Keep away from some accidental mistakes such as disconnecting the data cable from your Windows phone in between the installation that may brick your phone to become unusable.

bootloop error while updating windows phone 10 (6)

Step 8 : Finally, once the installation completes, you can click on Finish and the bootloop error on Windows Phone that featured while updating from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 would now be fixed. Thereafter, your phone would now reboot itself and run a fresh install of Windows 8.1.


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