How to get Best iOS 9 Features on iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 Right Now!

At the unveiling of iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, what we came across was a sincere effort from Apple to evolve its operating system for iPhone/iPad. Rather than announcing fancy new changes to the UI or throwing in plethora of new gimmicky features, Apple has tried to nurture its iOS ecosystem in order to provide users with the most intuitive, complete and responsive mobile operating system. While there weren’t any groundbreaking updated or features announced, Apple still kept all of us interested with a huge list of updates that are bound to hit your iPhone/iPad come Fall 2015. Be it a completely revamped search screen or the supercharged Siri and proactive assistant or the hugely popular split-screen support and picture-in-picture, you are bound to love this update from Apple.

But, for all those who can’t wait till Fall this year and are not authorised Developers at Apple to get their hands on iOS 9 Betas and are further not willing to burn $99 to enroll for the same, you can get the best features of best-in-the-business mobile operating system from Apple right now!

Following is a list of the Best of iOS 9 Features on iPhone or iPad that you can get on your iDevice running iOS 8 right now. Take a look!

How to get Best iOS 9 Features on iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 Right Now!

1. iOS 9 Wallpapers

ios 9 features on iphone/ipad

With an update to the software cycle every year, what we see consistently from Apple is the release of new set of Wallpapers to enhance the visual experience of the iDevice. In order to get these Wallpapers on your iDevice, all you need to do is get the latest official iOS 9 Wallpapers to your iDevice from here.

2. Picture-in-Picture


One of the most loved new features of iOS 9 is this picture-in-picture feature that lets you take control of a floating video pane while running any other app. Not only does this boost multi-tasking, it also allows you to stay connected to your favorite videos or people by just pressing the Home button while watching a video or having a Facetime and the video automatically collapses into a small, resizable, floating window. To get this feature right now, all you need to do is download the VideoPane jailbreak tweak here.

3. Search in Settings


With the evolution of iOS, the number of settings to take control of every little tweaks you can make have grown in number substantially. In order to allow users to have a hassle-free experience, you can now search for a specific setting in the Settings menu by typing what you are looking for in the search bar that features at the top of the Settings Menu. You can find the jailbreak tweak named SearchSettings on Ryan’s Beta Repo here.

4. Multi-tasking in iPad


The long-awaited split-screen support for iPad is finally here with Apple set to bring multi-tasking feature to iPad with iOS 9. Not only does this allow effective use of the screen space but also allows user to access and operate multiple application at a given time. To get this right away, all you need is a jailbreak tweak named Reachability by adding this repo to Cydia here.

5. All new gestures on Keyboard


Editing and selecting your text on iPad had never been easier. No need to touch the text and slide your fingers on it to select it when you can simply slide and select the same by simply placing your 2 fingers on the keyboard. To get this feature right now, you need to install SwipeSelection tweak from here.

6. Get the San Francisco Font


While Apple is set to make the San Francisco font universal throughout its all operating systems, you need not wait for the official release as you can get your iPhone/iPad running San Francisco right now. All you need to do is head over to the official link to download San Francisco font here.

7. Get the most out of the Battery.


Well if you are always complaining of low battery on your iPhone, this one is for you. While with iOS 9 update, Apple brings a low power mode that let’s you allow extract the most out of the battery by switching off Mail fetch, Background app refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers. To get this feature right now, you can download the BattSaver jailbreak tweak from Cydia here.


Did we miss out some of the other useful jailbreak tweaks what allows you to experience iOS 9 on iOS 8 powered iDevice? Share your opinions and reactions. We’d love to hear it from you.!