How To Get iOS 9.3 powered Night Shift Mode on iPhone/iPad Right Now (Tutorial)

With the release of first public beta of iOS 9.3, Apple made a huge stir into the tech world for the features iOS 9.3 brings along. Be it the new Classroom app for educational institutes using high-tech devices to interact with students, various improvements to 3D Touch or integration of Touch ID protection in Notes, Apple is set for a big release with iOS 9.3. But one feature that stood out of the list of upgrades was the option for a Night Shift mode on iPhone/iPad.

What this Night Shift mode really does is that with the help of clock and geolocation of your iDevice, iOS will decide the sunrise and sunset time and will automatically make the color temperature on the display ‘warmer’ after sunset and ‘cooler’ after sunrise, thereby helping users with a soother display to look at. Thus then, for all those who are looking to get iOS 9.3 powered Night Shift Mode on iPhone/iPad right now, here’s a step by step tutorial that would help you through. Take a look!

Note 1: Following is a list of devices compatible with this Night Shift Mode.


Note 2: One must still remember that a beta is a beta. One should’t get worked up in excitement to get their hands on latest version of iOS as a beta release is expected to have various bugs and glitches and may result in various performance issues, battery drainage problems and system-vide instability. So, it really isn’t recommended for you to upgrade to the iOS 9 Beta releases unless you are a Developer or ready to face the aforesaid issues that might show up.

How To Get iOS 9.3 powered Night Shift Mode on iPhone/iPad Right Now (Tutorial)

ios 9.3 night shift mode iphone

In order to get Night Shift Mode on iPhone/iPad, you first need to install the iOS 9.3 Public Beta on your iDevice. In order to do so, following is a step-by-step guide that would help you through the same.

How To Download and Install iOS 9.3 Public Beta on iPhone/iPad (Tutorial)

Step 1: First and foremost, in order to keep your data safe in case anything goes wrong, take a complete backup of your iPhone or iPad on iCloud or iTunes before updating to iOS 9.3 Public Beta so that you can restore your device back to a stable state if need be.

Step 2: Now, in order to get your hands on iOS 9.3 Public Beta, you must enroll yourself for the Apple Beta Software Program. For this, just click on the ‘Sign-up’ option where you need to enter your registered Apple ID and Password. For all those who already have done this before, you need to navigate to the ‘Sign-in’ option and do the needful.

Step 3: Once done, you can now see a option ‘Enroll Your iOS Device’ right at the top menu. Just click that and you will now be shown a page with options to choose from OS X and iOS. For updating your iPhone/iPad/iPod, click on the iOS tab and you’ll see the instructions from Apple to take a backup of your device and double check with archiving one as well via iTunes.

Step 4: Next up, open up the link( from your iOS device on which you want to install iOS 9.3 Public Beta wherein you’ll be prompted to install it.

Step 5: Tap the ‘Download Profile’ button listed under the aforesaid link and you’ll be redirected to the Settings page where you need to tap ‘Install’.

Step 6: Next up is a series of prompts that will show up asking to first enter your PIN, then accept the Terms & Conditions and finally asking to restart your iDevice.

Step 7: Once the device is rebooted, navigate to Settings>General>Software Update and you’ll see the option to upgrade to iOS 9.3 Public Beta 1.

Just hit ‘Download and Install’ and you can sit back and relax while your iPhone/iPad updates itself.

Step 8: That’s it folks! Your iPhone/iPad would now be up and running iOS 9.3 Public Beta.

Next up, in order to let you get going, following is a step-by-step guide that would now let you setup the Night Shift Mode on iPhone/iPad easily.

How To Enable or Schedule iOS 9.3 powered Night Shift Mode on iPhone/iPad Right Now (Tutorial)

Step 1: Launch Settings and navigate to ‘Display & Brightness’.

Step 2: Next up, toggle ON the ‘Blue–Light Reduction’ option to enable Night Shift mode on iPhone/iPad.

Night Shift Mode on iPhone (1)

Step 3: Once done, you could now use the slider to choose and adjust between the ‘Cooler’ and ‘Warmer’ color reproduction settings of your iPhone/iPad screen.

Night Shift Mode on iPhone (2)

Step 4: In order to Schedule Night Shift mode on iPhone/iPad, you can choose to either setup the Night Shift mode from Sunrise to Sunset or at a Custom time as per your requirement.

  • If you choose ‘from Sunrise to Sunset’ option, then your iPhone/iPad would automatically toggle the Night Shift mode in accordance to the Sunrise and Sunset timing data of your region provided by your iPhone/iPad’s clock.
  • If you choose ‘Custom’, then you can specifically set the time at which you would like the Night Shift mode on iPhone/iPad to turn ON/OFF.

Facing any issues while proceeding with the above tutorial? Share your opinions and reactions. We’d love to hear it from you.!