How To Get iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture, Split View On Any iPhone or iPad

With a great level of saturation hitting the smartphone and tablet markets, the latter has suffered a serious blow to its contention to the glory that smartphone market has been receiving, especially at Apple. While Apple is surely trying to thump its authority in the Tablet market with the release of a refreshed line of iPad this year, with iPad Pro, one can surely see a sincere effort from Apple to keep its potential and existing customers interested in a segment that Apple first created for itself, with the launch of inaugural iPad range. At the unveiling of iOS 9 and iPad Pro at WWDC this year, the most longed feature that came to the fore was the support for multitasking on iPads. With Split Screen, one can now run multiple apps at any given time resulting in efficient use of the screen space and size, helping you seamlessly work across 2 different apps. The Picture-in-Picture feature on the other hand helps you run your favorite video or have a Facetime with your loved ones side-by-side while accessing any other app on the iPad with the help of a resizable, floating window. What better than a bigger screen that the iPad Pro comes along to handle all of these multi tasking capabilities flawlessly.

But what then comes as a downer is the fact that all of this comes limited to the iPad Air 2, the iPad min 4, and the upcoming iPad Pro. What that means is that the older iPad models like the iPad 2/3/4/iPad Air 1 and the iPad mini 1/2/3 do not get to share this amazing multitasking feature capability, leave alone the iPhones. Thus, in order to find a way through to fix this, we came across a Cydia tweak named Medusa that tries to bring all of these multitasking capabilities to all of these unsupported devices. Even iPhones! Yes! So then, for all those who are looking to get their unsupported iPhone or iPad feature the famous Picture-In-Picture & Split View features, following is a step-by-step tutorial on How-to get iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture, Split View on any iPhone or iPad. Take a look!


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How To Get iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture, Split View On Any iPhone or iPad

Step 1 : First and foremost, in order to access Cydia store, you would need a Jailbroken iPhone at your hands. To do the same, follow this step-by-step tutorial by clicking here.

Step 2 : Once you have successfully Jailbroken your iPhone, open up Cydia, add repository to your list of Cydia sources, search for Medusa and install the same. Medusa is currently available for free under Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Step 3 : Respring/reboot and you would now be able to access iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture, Split View on any iPhone or iPad that do not come with the generic support to feature all of this.

In order to get going, open up any 2 Applications and swipe from extreme Right to Left. This would then give you access to what’s called ‘Slide Over‘ by Apple that allows you to choose any particular app from a drawer of open apps in addition to the app your are already active at and access both of them simultaneously on your iPhone or iPad by dividing the screen in half, thus making use of the Split Screen functionality.

iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture, Split View On Any iPhone (1)

iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture, Split View On Any iPhone (2)

What’s important to note is that as of now, the Picture-in-Picture functionality stays limited to iPads only, atleast as of now, and is not available on iPhone via Medusa. The reason being that this Cydia tweak for iPhone is under beta and requires some obvious tweaking before the full-fledged functional Tweak is made live.

iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture, Split View On Any iPhone (3)

But then, if you can’t wait to have access to the Picture-in-Picture functionality on your iPhone, you can choose to download the Steven Troughton-Smith’s tweak from here and thereafter manually install the .deb file using iFile.


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