How To Get iOS-Like Assistive Touch for Android Phone

Taking into account the accessibility features that the Apple’s iOS comes loaded with, one does find lackluster support for the same once switching to Google’s mobile operating system- Android. With an array of features in its kitty, such to offer various important features even to the disabled, Apple surely has had enormous usage of this home-knit iOS feature. One of the best sub-feature that comes as a part of this Accessibility feature galore is the Assistive Touch control.

With numerous options to help you get quick access to various toggles that you might use frequent enough, Assistive Touch for iOS does offer a lot of customization options to knit the controls as per your choice and need. With the default setup consisting of 6 Basic shortcuts viz. Home, Device, Control Center, Notification Center, Lock Screen and Siri bringing all these features a tap away from you all the time, Assistive touch also doubles up as an alternative to bypass use of physical keys to get various functions done. Be it the option to use Home option inside the Assistive touch in place of the physical home button similar to the Volume up & down options, Assistive touch does come in handy to those who have damaged or faulty physical keys on their iPhone or iPad.

With such colossal features that you may benefit from in day-to-day usage, Android still doesn’t offer something of this kind. But today, we bring to you an app that would help you get iOS-like Assistive Touch for Android Phone. The app is named as Assistive Touch for Android and is available on Google Play Store as a free download. In order to get your hands on this and an indepth knowledge of all the features that come loaded along with this app and their usage, read the following tutorial right through.

How-to get iOS-like Assistive Touch for Android Phone : Installation Guide

Step 1 : Head over to the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet and search for Assistive Touch for Android App or click here. Additionally, you can also choose to download the APK file from here and install this app from your Desktop.

Step 2 : Continue with the routine installation process for the same.

Step 3 : As soon as you complete the installation setup, you would now see an iOS-like Assistive Touch icon on your homescreen.

How-to get iOS-like Assistive Touch for Android Phone : Features Guide

  • Touch the iOS-like Assistive Touch icon and you will now be shown 6 default options viz. Home, Flashlight, Device, Lock Screen, Favorite and Volume.

assistive touch for android toggles

  • Most of these features are shortcuts to quickly toggle various settings such as :
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • Location (GPS)
    • Ring mode (Normal, Vibrate, Silent)
    • Screen rotation
    • Volume up & down
    • Airplane mode
    • Flashlight Bright
    • All application on your device
  • It also offers various customization options such as option to change color of background with your favorite color or change icon of Assistive Touch Easy with many pretty icon, totally free.

assistive touch for android color customize

Specifications – Assistive Touch for Android

About : Assistive Touch for Android

  • Virtual Home key, easy touch to lock screen and open recent task
  • Virtual Volume key, quick touch to change volume and change sound mode
  • Clean ram, boost speed, one touch boost
  • Easy touch to open your favorite application
  • Go to all setting very quick with a touch

Usability : Freeflowing, Lag-free.

Price : Free

Download : Click here.


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