How To Get iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android

With the release of final SDK for Android 6, recently officially named Android Marshmallow, and the release of the public version set for a fall release later this year, Google is topping the hype charts for the features this next iteration of Android is set to bring along with it. Be it the new app permissions or the fingerprint support or the improved power management with doze power mode, Android M is set to be the biggest incremental update Android has seen till date. But one feature that’s still craved of long and hard by Android fanboys is the availability of an iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android devices that would help them search universally for anything they are looking for on their phone.

What makes a feature such as this a must have is the fact that it allow us as Users to save ourselves on time by searching for exactly what we are looking for, universally, by simply entering a query in the search bar. In order to get this done, we have figured out an Android App named Fast Search that comes free of cost and help you get an iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android device. What brings in more substance to this app is the fact that the indexing of the files throughout the system is carried out itself and is updated periodically, automatically. So, rest assure, you aren’t going to miss out on even the recent files/songs/contacts that you might have added to your Android device but couldn’t locate in the file manager. Thus, for all those who feel the need for a Universal search mechanism on their Android device, follow this tutorial on How To Get iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android to fix the same. Take a look!

How To Get iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android

Note : First things first, Fast Search isn’t available on the Google Play store. So, in order to get this iOS-like Spotlight search on Android device, you need to download and install Fast Search manually. To do the same, you have 2 methods on your hands. You can either choose to download the Fast Search APK file by clicking here and thereafter installing the same right on your phone OR you can choose to sideload the Fast Search app by downloading the APK file from here and installing it from your PC. For those who are willing to proceed with the latter, you can follow the complete step-by-step tutorial here. For all others, follow the underlying steps to get iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android.

Step 1 : Download and Install Fast Search to get iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android

  • As briefed above, for all those who are willing to download the Fast Search APK file and install the same right on their phone, you can further choose to either download the APK file right onto your phone and install the same or you can download it to your PC and transfer the same over USB. But before you proceed with the installation process, make sure that you have the USB Debugging option activated on your Android phone or tablet on which you are to install Fast Search APK. To do this, navigate to Settings>About Phone and scroll down to Build number. Now tap this Build number 6-7 times and you would then be prompted with a message that ‘You’re now a developer’. After this, navigate to Settings>Developer Options and check the USB Debugging option. On being prompted to allow the same, click OK. Also, navigate to Settings>Security>Applications and enable the “unknown sources’ option.
  • Once done, you can download the APK file and download & install the same on your Android Device.

Step 2 : Use Fast Search to get iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android

Spotlight Search on Android

  • Once the installation completes, you can now fire up the Fast Search app to get universal search on your Android Device. Fast Search then offers search results divided into 6 categories viz. ApplicationsContacts, Files, Music, Photos, and Videos. This, thus makes looking for a particular kind of file easier as you can make search queries for something you are looking for according to the category it falls into.
  • Once the search results show up, Fast Search offers search results that are deep linked directly into your apps thus allowing you to click on them to be directed directly into the app they are attached/belong/compatible to or the app itself, as the case may be.

Fast Search for Android – Specifications

Features :

  • Get iOS-Like Spotlight Search on Android.
  • Is open source.
  • Has a new idea, I myself couldn’t find any similar application on Google Play.
  • Searches files, contacts and applications of your device very fast.
  • Submits device’s contents in local databases and makes searching extremely faster.
  • Follows Material Design.
  • Let’s you delete or rename searched files.
  • And many more.

Usability : Easy to learn, Handy

Price : Free

Download : Click here.


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