How To Make Google Chrome Default Browser on your iPhone

While at one of our recent blog-post we briefed you about the tutorial on How-to navigate Chrome on iPhone or iPad using Swipe Gestures for all those who weren’t that familiar with what comes loaded with the new updated Chrome, today we try and bring to you a tutorial that would help you first set Google Chrome as default browser on your iPhone.

The reason we recommend Google Chrome to be your default browser amongst the pool of alternative web browsers available on App Store is the galore of features it comes loaded with. Be it the Data saving option that helps you reduce mobile data usage by up to 50% while browsing or the faster browsing experience with an option to choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages, Google Chrome is surely one heck of a web browser. Well with all this, it can still authentically be used second to the default Safari on iPhone, hampering the overall experience. In order to switch this around and break free from the restrictions laid by Apple making Safari as its default web browser, all you need to do is to follow the underlying step-by-step tutorial on How-to make Google Chrome Default Browser on your iPhone. Take a look!

chrome default browser

Note : Before you proceed with the following tutorial, you need a Jailbroken iPhone at your hands. We, at GeekViz, do not recommend you to Jailbreak your iPhone as it might not only lead to loss of data and void your Service Warranty but may also lead to unstable and below-power performance. If you still wish to proceed with the same, you can follow this tutorial on How-to Jailbreak iOS 8.4 on iPhone or iPad.

How to Make Google Chrome Default Browser on your iPhone

Step 1 : Open up Cydia on your iPhone and search for “Open in Chrome”.


Step 2 : Install the same by hitting ‘Install’ on the top-right corner.

Step 3 : Once done, hop into the Settings menu and check whether the ‘Enabled’ toggle is turned ON or not.

Step 4 : If yes, that’s all you need to do! Now, fire up any web-link that you might have received in text or E-mail and see the same open up in Chrome by default rather that in Safari. Along with this, all the links that might appear in any of your installed apps and the bookmarks that you might have saved on your homescreen would also be automatically redirected to open up in Chrome, by default.


Specifications – Open in Chrome

About : Open in Chrome

Use Chrome for iOS as your default browser! All links, searches, and home screen bookmarks will be opened in Chrome instead of Safari. Can be toggled from the Settings app.

Developer : Andrew Richardson

Repo : ModMyi

Price : Free

Usability : Straightforward.

Download : Click here.


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