How To Make Invisible Folders to Hide Apps on iOS 9 without Jailbreak

Give it to the colossal App store or the most well nurtured and intuitive User Interface, there aren’t any doubts in the prowess that Apple’s mobile operating system iOS possesses. With a plethora of options on offer to carter to every possible need that might emerge to iPhone or iPad users, Apple surely has been level headed enough to pay heed to user’s needs and in-cooperate various such features accordingly. Such has been the case with the launch of Apple’s latest flagships – the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. While offering some incremental updates to its predecessors such as a new Processor, a new improved Touch-ID, a new Camera setup, these flagships from Apple have been showered with some path-breaking features such as the 3D touch support, Retina Flash, Picture-in-Picture, Split Screen support among many others that promise to bring in a whole new experience to the way users operate and get their way through iPhones. But then, what comes along with this beautifully nurtured OS is a series of lame restrictions that to tend to become more of a hindrance largely because they find less use in day-to-day life to many. One such restriction is the ability to make Invisible Folders to hide apps on iOS 9.

What makes us write down this blogpost despite the fact that most of these apps, including the stock apps like Podcasts or Find my Friends, or the Folder mechanism build up the core of iOS, is the fact that these apps or folder mechanism are less useful in day-to-day functionalities to many. While in our earlier blogposts, we have already briefed our users about How-to hide Stock Apple Apps & features on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak and How-to remove Folder Names on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak, today we bring to you a tutorial that would brief you about How-to make Invisible Folders to hide Apps on iOS 9 without Jailbreak. Take a look!

How To Make Invisible Folders to Hide Apps on iOS 9 without Jailbreak

Step 1 : Get a Solid-colored wallpaper & Set it as your Home-screen wallpaper

What gets this trick going is a solid colored wallpaper that makes the folder shadows to blend into it perfectly and appear to be ‘invisible’. In order to get started, download a white or grey solid colored wallpaper from the underlying links and set either of them as your Home-screen Wallpaper. Remember, you need not change the Lock-screen wallpaper as you might do with whichever image you like as your Lock-screen Wallpaper.

Invisible Folders to Hide Apps (1)

Invisible Folders to Hide Apps (2)

Once you do so, navigate to Settings>Wallpaper>Choose a New Wallpaper and set either of them as your Home-screen wallpaper.

Step 2 : Set up the Transparency

Next up, you need to choose and set the transparency on your iOS device in order to let the folder shadows to blend into it and appear ‘invisible’. In order to do so, navigate to Settings>General>Accessibility>Increase Contrast. If you had selected they Grey wallpaper as your Home-screen wallpaper, set the “Reduce Transparency” toggle ON. For white wallpaper, set it as OFF. You would then be able to see folders with no borders.

Invisible Folders to Hide Apps (3)

Step 3 : Remove the Folder Names

As we said earlier, we have already had a blogpost to let you know How-to remove Folder Names on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak. You can either choose to follow this step-by-step tutorial to do the needful or can choose to remove folder names by copying the blank space in-between the brackets in this tweet and set it as your Folder name.

Invisible Folders to Hide Apps (4)

Step 4 : Create Invisible App Icon

In order to help your folder ‘invisible’, you need an app icon that sits alone on the first page of any of your folder(s) and amalgamate perfectly with the white/grey colored wallpaper. In order to first get a solid colored app icon, you need to install App Icons Free from the iOS App Store. Afterwards, once you open up the App Icons Free app, navigate to Create Icon>Go Link>Photo. On being prompted to select a photo, choose the white/grey colored wallpaper we made you download in Step 1. Once done, you would now be asked to ‘Type URL’, insert a period or a blankspace and hit Install and Install again.

Step 5 : Download the Invisible App Icon

You would now be redirected into a Safari page that would contain you Invisible app icon. In order to download the same, hit the Share button on the bottom of the taskbar & tap Add to Home Screen.

Invisible Folders to Hide Apps (5)

Step 6 : Make Invisible Folders to Hide Apps

Lastly, you need to move this new ‘invisible’ icon to the first page of your invisible folders and move all other app icons within that folder to the next page so as to let the invisible icon sit alone on the first page.

Invisible Folders to Hide Apps (6)

That’s it! You now have Invisible Folders containing invisible icons that would let you hide your secret apps within it, all without Jailbreak.


Happy to make Invisible Folders to Hide Apps on your iOS 9 powered iPhone, iPad or iPod? Share your opinions and reactions. We’d love to hear it from you.!


  1. I have an iPod touch 5th gen on iOS 9.3.2 but whenever I try to use the gray wallpaper with reduse motion on and the other settings off, but the folders and the dock don’t blend in. Is there a way to fix this, or another gray background to use?

    Naveed N.