How To Remove Your Number From Truecaller on iPhone, Android or Windows

Bringing in more utility and candid-ness to the ultra-blunt contact list we have on our phones, Truecaller, since its inception has made huge inroads to become one of the biggest, if not the largest, global mobile communities. Be it the option to foresee who’s calling you or the option to merge Social Profiles with your contacts to integrate profile pictures, birthdays, address, mailing id etc., Truecaller surely makes your contact list more informative. But then, what if you want to remove your number from Truecaller and detach your name from your number, as stored in Truecaller’s Directory? Stay right here, we’ll let you know!

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While there isn’t any rocket science behind how Truecaller works and throws up a name to the number you search for with its Global Directory eating up all of your contact list and storing it therein as soon as you download the app, Truecaller has off-late been under the scanner for letting out its Global pool of directory, thereby leaking vital information that not only include millions of thousands of contact numbers but also the information attached therewith. So then, for all those who are looking to get away with this compulsive behavior of having your name attached to your number, courtesy a person who has downloaded the Truecaller app and let it scan and store their contact list in its Global Directory, we bring you a step-by-step solution on How-to remove your Number from Truecaller on iPhone, Android or Windows. Take a look!

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Step 1 : How To Deactivate Your Truecaller Account on iPhone, Android or Windows

For Android : Open TrueCaller, tap the ‘People’ icon in the upper left corner and navigate to Settings>About>Deactivate account.

For iPhone : Open TrueCaller, tap the ‘gear’ icon in the top right corner and navigate to About Truecaller>Scroll down>Deactivate Truecaller.

For Windows Mobile : Open TrueCaller, tap the ‘three dots’ in the bottom right corner and navigate to Settings>Help>Deactivate account.

Step 2 : How To Remove Your Number From Truecaller on iPhone, Android or Windows

Step 1 : First up, head over to the Truecaller Unlist Phone Number Page.

Step 2 : Fill up the ‘Unlist Form‘ with valid credentials such as your phone number along with the country code, a reason that makes you opt for unlisting and the verification captcha code.

Step 3 : Hit ‘Unlist‘. That’s it!

P.S. : While it might take upto 24 hours for you to get your number off Truecaller directory, there isn’t a certain authority of you getting listed again sometime later. Thus, the best way around would be to edit your contact details in your Truecaller profile and enter credentials that do not reveal your identity.


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