How To Spy Location on iPhone Remotely without Jailbreak

A firm believer of Apple’s promise to pay utmost heed to the security and privacy of a User’s data? Think again! Today we look forward to bring to you a tutorial that would help you Spy location on iPhone remotely, in real-time, from anywhere, anytime. Yes! And all of this without the need to Jailbreak your or the target’s iPhone. While this act of tracking someone’s location secretly on iPhone hasn’t been a new-found interest for a large pool of people, what preceded the tutorial we today bring to you is the use of immense number of third party software offer to help you do the same provided you are willing to pay the prerequisite licence fee at signups. Not only does this make you pay a handsome amount of money for a simple procedure that can be proceeded with without the need to sign up for such licences, these third party softwares also require one to have a deep intriguing knowledge about someone’s personal data such as the Apple ID credentials that include the ID and the password of target iPhone. Well, as is the case normally, many of us fall short on such vital information, making it virtually impossible for you to spy location of iPhone remotely even with such paid softwares.

Keeping all of this in mind, today we bring along a simple tutorial that would help you keep a track of someone’s activity by helping you spy location on iPhone remotely without Jailbreak. What’s even better is the fact that all of this would not only allow you to spy location on iPhone easily but would in-turn also not allow the iPhone you are willing to spy on do the same to you or even be aware about your creepy intentions. So then, tune into the following step-by-step How-to and find yourself at ease to keep a real-time check on anyone, anywhere, anytime! Take a look!

Spy Location on iPhone

Before you proceed, following is a list of things that you need before you can start to spy location on iPhone remotely. Take a look:

  1. Both iPhone to have Find my Friends app (only for those who run previous version of iOS such as iOS 8.4.1 or earlier as with iOS 9 and later, Find my Friends app comes pre-installed).
  2. Access just for once to the iPhone that you want to spy location on. Worry not, you won’t need any Apple ID credentials to verify any accounts.

How To Spy Location on iPhone Remotely without Jailbreak

Step 1 : Open up Find my Friends app on the iPhone you want to spy location on and tap the ‘Me‘ text next to the contact picture in the bottom taskbar.

Spy Location on iPhone (5)

Step 2 : Switch On the Share my Location toggle and select ‘this device’ under the Share my location from category.

Step 3 : Now, on your iPhone, turn On the Airdrop by swiping up the Control Center and make it discoverable to Everyone.

Step 4 : Get back on the iPhone you want to track location on, hit the Add button within the Find my Friends app and select yourself.

Step 5 : You would now be prompted to select for the time limit you want to set for the location to be shared. Select the Share Indefinitely option on the iPhone you want to spy location on.

Spy Location on iPhone (6)

Step 6 : As soon as you do so, you would now be prompted on your iPhone with a pop up to acknowledge the offer. Hit Accept and thereafter, you would again be prompted to select whether you in-turn want to select your location to their iPhone as well. Act smart and hit Don’t Share.

Step 7 : What else! You can thereafter secretly start to spy location on iPhone remotely by simply tapping on the icon of the Contact whose location you want to spy.

Step 8 : What’s more interesting is the fact that you can even set alerts for when your selected contact(s) Leave or Arrive at a particular location, helping you take total charge of someone’s location anytime, anywhere.


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