Huawei mentioned about new Nexus

Nexus 7P - Huawei

After successful Nexup 6P Huawei promises to release new smartphone in the nearest future. Despite of rumors about designing two Nexus-devices by HTC, Google continues collaboration with Chinese giant, and this autumn we will see result of their collaboration. This was said by Charlene Munilall, the head of Huawei in South African region.

When prospects of Nexus 6P launching were being discussed at the presentation of Huawei flagship line P9, company representatives noticed that Google device is popular only among geeks, but several partners will sell them in their networks. “By the way , we prepare Nexus again in this year”, – added top manager in conversation with journalists.

Earlier Huawei registered trade mark 7P, that may testify to the name of new gadget – Nexus 7P. Richard Yu told probably exactly about this gadget , when was talking about new smartphone with support of Daydream — platform of virtual reality.