New internet speed tool straight in Google search results

Google is testing new tool for checking internet speed straight in the search results. Now, entering search query “check internet speed” users get links to free services like Speedtest of Ookla or other in search results. However, in future, you will be able to check the internet speed straight in the search results.

Google now testing such function. As a result, after entering query “check internet speed”, user will get ready result without necessity to jump in other websites.

Tool works only in test mode

User Pete Meyers wrote the message in Twitter that Google is testing its own service of checking internet speed. In addition, he attached screenshot of Google Support page, where the principle of functioning of new service is described.

Thus, checking of Internet speed takes 20 seconds and requires the transmission of 40 MB of data. However, volume of transmitted data can be higher in case of high-speed connection. Test based on methodology of Measurement Lab, which has been studying global network performance since 2009 year. There are research people, industry professionals and two Google employees working in Measurement Lab.

As yet, internet speed checking tool in Google search works only in test mode and it is inaccessible for most people. The terms of full-fledged implementation of this function are not being reported.