iOS 8.3 vs iOS 9 Beta on Apple iPhone 4S : Speed Test (Video)

At WWDC this year, touted as an annual event of official unveiling of Apple’s latest firmware upgrade to the most advance mobile software- iOS, Apple unveiled the preview of iOS 9. What followed the preview was the avidity to be a part of Apple’s Beta Software Program. For all those who are either Registered Developers at Apple or are willing to burn $99 to enroll for the same, Apple offers Beta versions of the latest software update exclusively to its Developers before the final production version of the same is rolled out to the masses later. Along with the usual beta programs for the Developers, what came as a surprise to many was the release of Public Beta for iOS for the first time that is pitted to go live in July. For all those who aren’t willing to either signup for Developers account or are simply not interested to install beta versions on their iPhones/iPads can either try alternatives to get the best of iOS 9 features on their iPhone/iPad running iOS 8 or can wait till Fall this year when the final production version of iOS 9 is released to the public.

ios 8.3 vs ios 9 iphone speed test

While the announcement for iOS 9 was made, what also was a welcome surprise for all the Apple Fanboys was the fact that Apple didn’t drop any device from the compatibility list of iOS 9 to that of iOS 8. That simply meant a longer rope of possible updates to the older devices launched by Apple such as iPhone 4S pointing to the fact that Apple is truly looking forward to optimize performance of newer version of iOS to run fluidly on older devices such as iPhone 4S. Unprecedented? Surely! But that’s how Apple dazzles its customers. While it may let go some of the iPhone 4S users euphoric, what is now to be seen is the real-world optimization that Apple makes to its latest iOS version to reflect real-world performance on older models.

In order to find out what we may actually see when the Final Production version of iOS 9 is released, following is a video wherein 2 iPhone 4S’, one of which is running the latest firmware- iOS 8.3 and the other being updated with iOS 9 (Beta 1) are being compared side-by-side to find out which of the 2 iOS versions is more fluid on the same hardware.

iOS 8.3 vs iOS 9 Beta on Apple iPhone 4S : Speed Test (Video)

As the video compares iOS 8.3 vs iOS 9 Beta on Apple iPhone 4S with the Beta 1 of an iOS version(iOS 9) bound to have various issuescompared to the final released version of another iOS version(iOS 8.3), this comparison may only give you a rough idea of what the real-world performance may look like when iOS 9’s Final version is released. As of now, the performance of iPhone 4S running iOS 9 Beta 1 looks really sluggish and poor. Thus, all the iPhone 4S users may keep at bay getting their hands on iOS 9 Beta versions and wait for the final production version to get released to get their hands on the latest and the very best from Apple- iOS 9, if any.


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