Only for iOS: best apps, which will never be for Android

Let’s look into advantages of iOS over Android, and why many application will never be on Android. Also we will tell you about best apps accessible only for apps for iOS

Developers prefer iOS

iOS is more interesting for developers, than Android. That is nothing new, many cool applications firstly appear on iOS and only after several month appear in Google Play. And sometimes they remain exclusive for iOS. What is the reason? It is simply: the reason is in users’ solvency. Android still have problems with piracy, and the most upsetting consequences of this are for developers. Android users just do not want to pay for applications and games. Why for? If everyone can download and install them from any source. Google does nothing to change this situation, though it could forbid access to software not from Google Play.

As a result, it is not advantageous for developers to create serious projects, because if application costs more than $1, it will be ignored by users. Some studios create conditionally free applications: there are banners or inner buying. It is the own fault of users, that for normal game they need to collect crystals, coins etc. But until Google overcomes piracy, you can forget about good applications.

6 best apps for iOS

There are six best exclusives for iOS, which will unlikely be in Google Play some day.

1. Hyperlapse

HyperlapseBest application for time-lapse video from Instagram creators. Nothing unnecessary: for recording you just need to press one button. Already at the next step, when video is ready, you can customize speed, edit something and then save or immediately send into Facebook or Instagram. Standard app “Camera” in iPhone also have hyperlapse technique, but it does not have customization of speed and digital stabilization. Application is free and accessible only for iPhone users.

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2. Astropad

AstropadThis application is must-have for owners of iPad Pro. If you install it at your Mac and iPad, you will get graphics tablet of full value. After synchronization, you will see interface of MacOS at the iPad display. It means that you can work with usual Photoshop and Illustrator. At one of the last updates you will see support of Apple Pencil. Application recognizes slope angle and degree of pressing the pencil. Astropad works ideally, without lags or hangs. You can connect tablet via both Lightning cable and Wi-Fi.

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3. Photoshop Fix

Photoshop FixIt is a powerful instrument for retouching, which is accessible for iPhone and iPad owners. Thanks to the great number of instruments, such as smoothing or correction, for example, you can deeply edit your pictures. Photoshop Fix allows working with photos in maximal resolution, and not only 2 000 × 2 000 pixels. Also you can send photo for its improvement in full-fledged Photoshop CC. Application saves all editing in layers. Photoshop Fix is free. And it is a riddle, why there is no version for Android.

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4. Duet Display

Duet DisplayOne more application, which iPad owners must have. You need to install application in Mac and iPad. Developers refused from wireless synchronization, thus you will need Lightning cable. It also allows to charge tablet during the usage. After synchronization, system will interpret iPad as full-fledged external display. Thereby, you will be able to drag windows and open programs at full screen. Duet Display works with Mac and Windows. But it doesn’t support Android.

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5. Ulysses

UlyssesProbably it is the best text editor for journalists, writers and bloggers ever. Minimalistic interface, convenient work with library and Markdown marking. It also supports iCloud, so you will be able to make drafts of your text in the iPad during the road, and then edit it in Mac at the office.

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6. Procreate

ProcreateIt is the best instrument for drawing, accessible for iPad. Simple interface, great number of instruments, support of Apple Pencil. In addition, you can create up to 20 layers and export them directly in Creative Cloud. Thereby, you can make a draft at iPad, then send it for improvement to Illustrator and then send it back to tablet in order to particularize drawing.

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iOS allows to create

best apps for iOS - 3Of course, this list is not complete. There are no games or many others great applications. However, there are best apps for creation of content.